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Groovepad MOD APK v1.14.0 Mod Premium Unlocked

Groovepad MOD APK

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Introduce about Groovepad MOD APK

Bring your musical dreams to life

Create beats, mix music right on mobile

You don’t have to mix professionally like a real DJ or dream of becoming a talented producer. When you want to make a simple song or a strange mix, Groovepad can completely help even more than expected right on your mobile or tablet.

You may think mixing music, making beats and stuff like that may sound like a joke, but it’s definitely not. Now with Groovepad MOD APK, you will be able to do it all in a very fast time with an operation like a piece of cake. It helps you to automatically mix the songs you have previously selected from the library of more than five thousand built-in songs from popular genres such as Rap, Trap, HipHop, House, Dubstep, Drum, Rock, Pop…

Wondering if you must do something complicated? The answer is NO. You just need to select the instrument icons on the screen or the right feature buttons, and you’re done. Immediately, you can create completely different musical styles on your own.

Everyone can use Groovepad MOD APK

Another big benefit is that Groovepad MOD APK has a very intuitive and vivid interface. I think that anyone at any age, whether tech-savvy or dim-witted, can use it. It’s also very quick to get used to. Each interface page, buttons, and titles are noted and detailed instructions. Especially there is no confusion at all. In general, about the interface, you do not need to worry because it’s so neat, tidy, and minimalistic. Groovepad MOD APK is definitely a heaven for music lovers that are willing to spend hours in the space of sounds and props.

Huge music store with many available genres

This application, thanks to the huge music store and many other powerful features, will always help you create happy sounds for yourself without being duplicated. Strength in the field of modern digital DJ has given Groovepad many advantages over similar applications.

Every week, Groovepad MOD APK constantly updates new music of all styles, and separate audio samples for users to have more rich choices. It is this firm commitment that creates trust and increases the loyalty of app users.

Live Loops feature helps to process sound accurately

This is the technique of recording and playing back a short audio clip in real time. This ability allows the application to combine a variety of sounds at the same time and produce results that are most similar to what you have in mind. Combining with your option of output track, you will have a finished product.

Classicism in Groovepad MOD APK

Do not follow the trend of popular music. Groovepad from the beginning has brought the style of mixing classical music. It is this classic feeling that makes the process of use and manipulation much easier. It is also comfortable to use without fatigue or pressure.

The basic operation is just to select any music in the library. The screen will then appear as the built-in grid mixer. In which each pad will correspond to a different genre. You just choose from there to choose the style of music you like such as Hiphop, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap, EDM… and then proceed to mix the songs together. The created song or piece of music can be much more attractive than the originals. Using Groovepad MOD APK, you can touch any icons on the screen, and wait for a few seconds. The finished product is done within a few notes.

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Recording your beats

Recording and exporting files in a variety of audio formats is what every user wants to do after the music creation process is complete. Crucially, the process of recording new music in Groovepad does not affect the quality of the mixer. Sit on the sofa and listen to familiar songs over and over with the same quality as the original. That feeling would be so nice.

And if you want to save the file, you can also save the music directly to another device easily and fast. Then, if you want more, feel free to share via Email, SoundCloud, messaging apps, social networks…




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