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Grayland APK v1.10.05.01960 Apk Full Paid

Grayland APK

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Invasion or accident? Are they friendly or hostile? Find it out and find your way through the unique world of Grayland.

Grayland APK is a noir story of seeking your loved one captured by Humans. You, as a little bird find yourself in the middle of the war between the Human and the Alien forces. Fly and fight your way through the radiation filled lands, fly inside the mines and buildings and beat the bosses.

Will a small bird be able to solve what big leaders can not? Unlock the full game and unfold the whole story.

During the levels you face different enemies and continuously discover the puzzles of the story. Never give up, show them that even if you’re a tiny being, your actions are important, you can even be the one who saves the World.

When our world turns black and white, everything loses their most eye-catching colors. And a bird with color appears in this world. In the dark world, it is not only exceptionally awkward, but also people look at it. And we want to protect the last touch of color in the world, not let the world extinct this color! Let us walk into “Grayland” to protect them and start our adventure!

Grayland APK is an adventure puzzle game with the background of saving endangered birds. The game uses dark painting style. In the game, players need to save a colorful bird and use it to make the world colorful. The game story is very exciting, the puzzle level is also very challenging, and the playability is very high.

Grayland APK – original adventure game in the style of Noir. The gameplay is a combination of visual history and adventure quest, with plot details, you will discover as you progress. Unusual gameplay with elements of action, atmospheric graphics and an elaborate plot give the game excitement. In addition, you will find yourself in a completely new world.

Grayland APK is an action and adventure game in which you must pilot a bird across a variety of locales and levels. You can choose the color of your bird as you start the first game and then follow it on its strange adventure.

Grayland’s graphics are made up of gloomy tones, as the name suggests. You must sprint across numerous levels while dodging obstacles and collecting the colored eggs that your character has dropped due to a bizarre gale.

Grayland APK — the original adventure game, made in the style of Noir. Gameplay is a combination of visual history and adventure quest, with the details of the plot you will get acquainted as you progress through. Unusual gameplay with elements of action, atmospheric graphics and intricate plot will give the game fun. In addition, you will find yourself in a completely new world.

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Grayland APK – arcade game with minimalistic graphics in dark colors with bright splashes of different colors, where the user will control the bird. For many levels the player will have to help the bird to overcome obstacles and avoid enemies, entrenched in her way. To reach the end of each stage, you need to choose a good moment to sneak past the enemy. Along the way, should collect the colored balls that give bonuses. In the end the bird will be able to achieve the main goal – to find his kidnapped love.

Game Features:

  • unique gameplay
  • various boss fights
  • heart catching story
  • beautiful atmosphere and art style
  • challenging levels
  • pick your color to play with




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