grand survival mod apk

Grand Survival MOD APK v2.8.1 Mod Unlimited Money

Grand Survival MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :2.8.1
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :258MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Grand Survival MOD APK will take you to new lands where you will discover your own survival ability. This is a new adventure game; players will have to cross oceans, islands to conquer new ones and conquer their own abilities. Challenges will be given more and more, and many exciting things are waiting for you ahead. You are the superhero of survival because there will be practical features from the game to help you conquer the challenge.


You have long cherished an adventure on a deserted island or crossed the ocean to the big islands. Grand Survival MOD APK will give you a new adventure and show you your own survival ability. A special feature is that this adventure will not be arranged by the game but decided by you. It will be more interesting because you are the one who arranges your own trip.

First, you will be given a series of starting locations by the game. You will be able to choose according to your own conditions or purposes. Players will have to choose the right direction initially so as not to get lost in the next adventures. In the game, you will see strange things that sometimes you are surprised with your ability to solve. Challenges will be given more and more, and you have to try to overcome them.


For an adventure, you need to prepare mentally as well as prepare full luggage. The game will give you a series of support tools to help you overcome dangerous obstacles. Sometimes you have to find the accompanying items to support your arduous adventure. There will be many challenges that you must be quick to overcome.


Your main task is to arrange the wooden rafts to make a raft across the ocean. But it is not easy if you encounter sharks or attack; if you are not quick to use a chisel to fight, you will lose your life. On the deserted island, you have to fight with the aborigines there to keep your life. That adventure will make you able to learn valuable survival skills and be your valuable luggage later.

Upgrade the raft

Immediately after collecting all the necessary equipment and items. Quickly head out to sea to climb onto your raft. In the early stages of Grand Survival MOD APK, there are still many difficulties. Your raft is pretty rudimentary, in need of design and improvement. Use previously collected materials. Upgrade the raft with different parts. Includes rudder, used for navigation. Expand the area of ​​​​the raft with wooden panels. Equip a tent roof for shelter in inclement weather conditions. Besides upgrading, you can also collect materials on the raft. The trees, leaves floating on the sea surface, appear frequently. Using the harpoon tool on the raft, aim precisely. Collect as much as you can, which will make your boat stronger.

Fight with zombies, sea creatures

Throughout the ocean adventure of Grand Survival MOD APK. You will have to fight a lot of different enemies. Not just bloodthirsty zombies. But also have to fight with scary sea creatures. They appear everywhere on the island. Use crafted weapons to defeat them all, you can survive. Even on a raft at sea. You can also be attacked by sharks. Quickly kill it before you lose your life. Besides, weather conditions also greatly affect the journey. The extreme weather and the night environment will make you very vulnerable. Each time the weather changes will bring different challenges. As well as having effects on the character’s actions during exploration.

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Many islands, meet NPC characters

At Grand Survival MOD APK there are many different islands. Typical examples are Rubber Farm, Lighthouse, Rusty Atoll, Shell Beach Hotel, etc. Each island is a place on the vast ocean. To be able to explore those islands. You will have to overcome many challenges. Faced with many dangers. On each island, there are many resources for you to collect. Along with the appearance of NPC characters. You can meet to chat, perform their given tasks. From there can get some materials to improve the raft. Along with that, after the wars with sea creatures or zombies. You will get a lot of items. Or through finding treasure chests on the island. Once opened, there will be a chance to collect equipment.




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