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Galactory MOD APK v1.10.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Galactory MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.10.0
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :46MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Galactory MOD APK is a simulation game by STAVRIO LTD. This publisher has brought a new creative space for mobile gamers, especially those with a special passion for the strategy genre.

Introduce about Galactory MOD APK

Creating life on a new planet!

Your mission when playing this Galactory MOD APK game is to create a new life, on a new planet. The creative journey starts from the first minute. And the entire space in the Galactory is designed for this creative work.

In just a short time after its launch, Galactory MOD APK has been rated as one of the best offline pixel strategy games on the topic of empire building and world development. There are many reasons for this success. I don’t think this game is that good. But after playing for a while, realizing many things for myself, I found some good ones that I didn’t notice at first. And later on, it is those things that make me continue to play and love this game more.

Tasks are many, varied, and closely linked

When building a new life, you will have to start from scratch on this distant planet. Gather resources, take shelter first, then gradually form larger settlements with populations in the thousands. In the process, conflicts will arise between these settlements. You will have to make the difficult decision of uniting or fighting these groups of people to protect your population and move on to a further goal: building a safe and quality life, laying a solid foundation for human resettlement.

“Together we can change the world”, so most of the jobs are closely related to each other. What you do will be the premise for the next one, and the result of the previous task will be the beginning of the next task you do.

Get many perks

Not only is it a strategy game that builds tight logic, good ideas, Galactory MOD APK is also an interesting sandbox system. In this open world, dedicated to creativity, you will have the privilege of being free to do what you want, on a predetermined path in the game. With the first few inhabitants, you will gradually create your own ecosystem. Each of these small things can be done your way and achieve results according to your intentions: Plant trees, supplement livestock, find water sources, fight wild animals to ensure the lives of people. Even leading an uprising against the surrounding hostile forces, deciding whether to make a civilized revolution and unify territories is up to you. Choosing who to be friends with, who to make enemies all lead to different results. As the founding god of the new planet, you will have the right to do whatever you want.

The sandbox environment is also a place for tactical and strategic minds to showcase their talents

While allocating residents to do small jobs, you will spend most of your time using your imagination to think of new strategies to conquer nature and the challenges that are rife in this place. Because not only do the daily tasks, you also have to figure out how to survive amid a series of earthquakes, terrible floods coming, or meteor showers, volcanic eruptions, virus pandemics, atomic bombs… Like the Earth, but there are more dangerous things here than you think. The only thing, all these disasters are mostly self-created, from intentional or unintentional actions in the first moments.

For example, you can create your seas, oceans, large islands, and continents… with just one click on the screen. Then from there everything grows by itself, colonizing the country or destroying the world by itself again by bringing about natural disasters. All is in your hands.

Graphics and sound

Galactory MOD APK is made with pixel graphics, but the level of detail and refinement is very amazing. Playing this game should not be zoomed in, just let the screen be at default so you can play better. It will be a bit difficult at first when you are not used to this type of design, but after you will find it extremely interesting. Thanks to the pixel style, everything is made easier and faster. It also does not need to be too complicated, so the capacity is quite compact. Personally, although I don’t like pixels too much, I appreciate this smart step of the manufacturer.

The sound is not too detailed, but enough to create excitement, especially in team fights. But I think this is good because tactical games should be a bit mellow so players can focus on the game.

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  1. Players will enjoy an exciting entertainment space and be free to create to build a planet according to their wishes.
  2. Each person has their way of playing, so they have the right to choose the most innovative strategy and gameplay to overcome all challenges in this game.
  3. Think and always know how to refresh things, and you should know how to handle any unexpected disaster situations in the most reasonable way for this planet.
  4. Experience and develop your world with your friends in the most fun way. Besides, you should know how to build a civilization for people, help people on this planet develop economically, improve intelligence to make this planet the best.
  5. They can choose an appropriate language to easily listen and understand the game’s more knowledge to players.
  6. Players can download this game on their devices simply without paying any fees.
  7. Do not give up halfway, but you should be brave and persistent to complete and overcome all the challenges that the game offers most uncompromisingly.




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