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Fran Bow APK v1.0.0 Apk Full Paid

Fran Bow APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.0.0
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :504MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Fran Bow is a graphic adventure game with psychological horror elements developed and produced by Killmonday Games, a Swedish indie game studio.

Similar to other adventure games, the gameplay involves seeking various objects in the game world in order to combine and use them to solve puzzles, and speaking with non-player characters to learn more about the world and how to progress. In one scene, the player controls the protagonist’s cat. Additionally, a small portion of Fran Bow consists of minigames situated within the broader narrative that present more complex logical challenges.

Set in 1944, the game tells the story of Fran, a ten-year-old girl struggling with mental illness after witnessing the murder of her parents. She is then found alone in the woods and admitted to Oswald Asylum, separating Fran from her black cat and only friend, Mr. Midnight. Under the care of psychiatrist Dr. Marcel Deern, Fran is administered pills. The pills cause vivid hallucinations of a phantasmagoric parallel universe, filling Oswald Asylum with smears of blood, mysterious messages, grisly torture, human subject research in psychiatry and neurology, and otherworldly shadow beings. Driven to escape her imprisonment, find her cat, and return home, Fran escapes and flees into a nocturnal forest in which she encounters ghostly nature spirits. Fran then finds herself and Mr. Midnight trapped together in a haunted house that belongs to conjoined twins named Clara and Mia Buhalmet. Fran eventually escapes and attempts to cross a bridge of roots, which frays and collapses. She awakens to discover that she has been transformed into a tree in a brighter world called Ithersta, a land where vegetables, insects, pine cones, and roots live in harmony. There she meets Palontras who helps her return home. After departing Ithersta, Fran meets Itward, a giant skeletal creature. She discovers that it was Itward who had helped her in her search for Mr. Midnight. Itward tries to take Fran back home in his flying machine.


The flying machine crashes, however, and Fran Bow and Itward are separated. Fran awakens near her home where she is taken away by Dr. Deern. After visiting Fran’s parents’ grave, Remor, a demonic creature that has pursued Fran throughout the game, captures them. She is trapped in a hell-like dimension, ruled by Remor’s mother, Mabuka. It is revealed Fran’s aunt Grace and Dr. Oswald, who experimented on Grace and Fran’s mother, had Remor possess Fran to murder her parents believing Fran’s suffering is key to his experiment. After Oswald shoots her, Itward and Palontras come to save Fran, killing Grace and Oswald. After being revived, Fran, Mr. Midnight, Itward, and Palontras fly away with Fran resolving to be happy.

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Throughout the game, Fran and other characters grapple with psychological trauma, survive the abuse of parents and doctors, and learn what it means to live amongst many types of beings and spirits.




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