forest folf planner mod apk

Forest Golf Planner MOD APK v1.2.4 Mod Unlimited Money

Forest Golf Planner MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.2.4
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :38MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Forest Golf Planner MOD APK will be an excellent choice for those who are passionate about management and construction content. With a large piece of land in the suburbs, how will you handle it? Use your excellent business strategy to turn this place into the best golf course. Many play areas are erected, in addition to the appearance of shops that make your revenue increase rapidly. All that is happening is profitable for you; continue building and developing your own golf course.


The goal set during the launch of Forest Golf Planner MOD APK was to provide a quality, fun game that received enthusiastic support from participants. Therefore, the system constantly brings changes according to the player’s wishes. To remove all language barriers, we have added many different languages in the updated version. When editing this in the game settings, the player can change the language format.

In addition, the presence of 2D graphics technology is also one of the exciting points of the game. In the vast space of mountains and hills, when you create various products such as golf courses or resorts, the 2D visualization series will assist you. The game also integrates into the process of experiencing happy songs, making you more fun in the process of controlling the number of visitors to this area. What can be edited will be sorted by us in the settings, which you can customize to your liking.


When just starting out, players will be managing a small area in the Forest Golf Planner MOD APK. That will be enough place for you to open a golf course and a small resort. However, their size cannot make you satisfied because the amount of money earned per visit is too small. But don’t worry, through the process of discovery and experience, players can expand their area by increasing the number of football fields or opening more luxury resorts. You will earn more if you start this exciting upgrade process.

Besides, the condition for you to be able to manage a larger area is a high level. Only when the level reaches a certain requirement are you allowed to reclaim new areas and open more football fields. Buildings used for resort services are also excellent for earning more money. Players upgrade and give the resort new services such as golf toy shops, motels, practice areas, and food shops. As more golf courses and holes are created, you will attract more tourists.


Every area in the Forest Golf Planner MOD APK needs an opportunity to shine and earn more customers. Good opportunities always come once, and you need to seize them to take them. One of those opportunities is to upgrade the playing field and compete for the top position on the leaderboard. Each player will participate in introductory golf course management training courses. Only when you get a high rank on the leaderboard will you have more chances to improve your reputation. Reaching out to friendly golf teams is also a way for you to attract more customers. Coming to this arena, each player can connect and become business friends and develop together.

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Forest Golf Planner MOD APK and the success of every golf course depend on your smart management. Every day, many tour groups and golf teams come to participate in exciting activities organized by you. In order to create the success and reputation of the amusement parks managed by you, many perfect strategies will be applied. One of them is expanding the golfing area, upgrading the playing field, and adding more resorts.




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