fly corp mod apk

Fly Corp MOD APK v0.9.12 Mod Unlimited Money

Fly Corp MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :0.9.12
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :149MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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If you have always dreamed of owning your own airport, Fly Corp MOD APK is the first choice for you. In this world, you carry the mission of airport tycoons when you have to develop hundreds of air transport networks between cities. Not stopping there, you can also open new airports with brand new planes that need to be upgraded.


The area of activity in this game covers the whole world, not limited by any territory. This whole world becomes your own playground with about 200 countries in parallel with the presence of thousands of cities. With this playground, you have the freedom to build your own airport, launch your own airline and grow it to new heights, making you the founder of the most classic aviation paradise in history.


Not stopping there, if you want to become the best in this field, players need to possess the best management skills. The reason why each city that you are about to visit and start building an airport has different natural and social conditions. In Europe, the problem of customer flow management is much easier here because the travel distances between cities are pretty short; in contrast, in the Atlantic, it is different.


Not only that, Fly Corp MOD APK opens up for players the gate to design and upgrade the airport in parallel with unlimited aircraft. You will have to rely on the population conditions of the city and grasp their primary needs, where to go from where to go, from which you can make strategies and determine more accurate and suitable flight routes. At the same time, to be able to attract customers besides upgrading airports and aircraft, the ability to handle incidents is equally essential.

Develop your own transport network in various countries and cities. Open new routes, buy new planes and upgrade them, increase the capacity of the airports. Play Fly Corp MOD APK and become the richest airline tycoon in the world of airports!


In this airline commander game, the whole world is your playing field! Almost 200 countries and thousands of cities all around the globe are available to build airports and expand your airline! Become the founder of the biggest and most profitable airline empire in history!


Different locations require good airline management skills as you’ll have to adapt to different conditions. For instance, European distances are short, and it’s very easy to manage the passenger flow here, while popular transatlantic routes will make you think more about travel time and expenses.


The airport game features an advanced passenger flow system. All the cities are designed according to their real analogs, and the population numbers are true. The more population figures are, the more people would like to fly by your airplanes. Each passenger has their own destination, and they’ll fly with transfers if there are no direct routes.


Since you don’t have enough money to connect each city to all the other cities, you should analyze the situation and make important decisions about where the transport hub is going to be situated. Planes, as well as airports, have their maximum capacity. You’ll lose profit even if one of them gets overloaded. So, you should learn to run your airline business as fast as you can!


The idle tycoon airplane game includes 3 addictive game modes: Unlock All Countries, Scenarios and Free Play!

– In the Unlock All Countries mode, your goal is to open every country in the world and cover the whole game map with your airline network. It’s necessary to unlock a new country every 6 minutes, or you’ll lose.

– Scenarios are various cases with certain pre-set conditions and goals to reach. For example, your airline should survive for some period of time or generate a specific amount of money. Each scenario is unique: for instance, you should quickly connect constantly unlocking airports or rebuild your air transport network due to virus outbreaks in a country.

– If you like idle tycoon games, Free Play is a perfect choice for you! Develop your own airplane network in various countries as long as you can without any limits. Could you become the one & only airplane tycoon in the world of airports?


Random events won’t let you get bored! Your daily airline management routine will be followed by positive (e.g. investments into your company), negative (disasters blocking flights to some countries or departure), or even ridiculous (a businessman sued you because of spilled coffee in turbulence zone) events. You’ll never know what to expect in this manager game!


Conquer the players’ leaderboard! Get additional game points for transporting passengers, complete scenarios, earn money to buy more advanced airport infrastructure. Climb the ladder of success and become the best airline manager!

Are you ready to become a real airline tycoon? Play Fly Corp and develop the biggest air transport network in the world! Download the airline simulator tycoon game now for free!

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  1. Immerse yourself in the journey to become an airline tycoon and control every airport in the world.
  2. Challenge your ability to manage customers when offering enthusiastic services to them.
  3. Control and distribute customer flows through fixed routes between cities.
  4. Use the profits earned to upgrade the airport and the most modern aircraft constantly.
  5. Random events such as natural disasters, customer complaints will be a unique challenge for you.




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