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Final Outpost MOD APK v1.3.3 Mod Free Shopping

Final Outpost MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.3.3
Mod Info :Free Shopping
Size :76MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Pixel survival game, players need to build their own shelter to come to Daikang from the doomsday zombie monster invasion. It will not make you feel that there is a bloody scene, this is also a battle without gunpowder; a variety of legion combinations allow you to Able to win in many ways without some particularly difficult events happening; Final Outpost MOD APK.

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As a soldier who survives to the end, the player needs to guard his homeland and cannot be invaded by these evil people, but you need to know how much courage and superb strategy you need, so at this time, you need to cherish your time , repairing some unformed buildings will give you a high win rate, allowing you to easily resist foreign invasions and fatal damage.

Final Outpost MOD APK

Game Overview
Build your Outpost. Manage your citizens. Craft tools and weapons. Survive the zombie apocalypse.

As the leader of one of the last remnants of civilization, you must manage your citizens, use resources to expand your outpost, and protect your citizens from both starvation and zombies.

In the face of this great challenge, you are given control over the construction of new buildings for your citizens to live and work in. Striking the right balance of building types is critical to maintaining the resource stockpiles so valuable to your citizens. Equip your workforce with the right tools for the job as the needs of your Outpost are shaped by its growth. Craft weapons to protect and defend your Outpost from zombies that wander too close...


==BUILD 🧱==
Improve your base over time to shelter your citizens from the outside world, and stockpile resources to save as many lives as possible.

==MANAGE 🧠==
Lead your citizens into a new age of prosperity by assigning them the right jobs, including farmers and guards.

==CRAFT ⛏==
Give your citizens the tools they need to survive. Build a workshop to unlock advanced crafting and create weaponry to fend off the dead.

==SURVIVE ⛺️==
Combat famine and the dead by perfecting your long-term strategic balance of management, research, building and crafting.

Game Features
• Strategically manage your citizens between civilian and armed roles
• Scavenge, hunt, farm, and mine to gather resources
• Smith, forge, fight, and shoot to defend your walls
• Building & crafting progression systems
• Food/starvation system
• Different zombie types
• Time control
• Realistic day/night cycle
• Minimalist UI
• Pixel art graphics
• Seasons
• And much more...


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