epic battle fantasy 5 mod apk

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 MOD APK v1.0.34 Mod Unlocked All

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.0.34
Mod Info :Unlocked All Content
Size :142MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 MOD APK – a cool role-playing project with excellent old-school graphics, step-by-step movements on the map, party battles, funny dialogues, original characters, as well as a bunch of loot that needs to be urgently picked up from their permanent storage and moved to the backpacks of adventurers. The combat system will also please you. With its help, you can create destructive combinations of skills and combat qualities of the wards. Which is very useful when meeting bosses and their henchmen. Well, the story campaign supplemented with a lot of additional quests will not allow you to wander aimlessly around the locations.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 MOD APK is the ultimate turn-based RPG adventure with exciting monster-hunting and treasure-hunting strategic battles. The game’s combat system and characters will please you, and the game also adds many missions with destructive skills for players to overcome all challenges.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 MOD APK – In this game you will learn how to correctly create strategies that can lead your characters to an easy victory! Fight various monsters, move to different locations in biomes, upgrade your own abilities and defeat bosses, getting more rewards. Almost any enemy can be defeated if you put a lot of necessary effort into it. Try to act as you think necessary, but be always ready for unexpected turns and their passage at that moment.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 MOD APK is an over-the-top turn-based RPG adventure, full of video game references, juvenile dialogue, and anime fanservice (…and also strategic combat, monster catching, and tons of treasure hunting – if you’re into any of those.)


You will play the role of brave heroes whose mission is to protect the world from the destruction of monsters and bring peace to humankind. The game setting is a world that is being invaded by monsters, and many external dangers threaten the people. So you have to stand up to form a powerful army and spend 30 hours of exciting gameplay with turn-based battles.

Besides, the game also combines intellectual puzzles to challenge you and upgrade the character to increase combat power and collect valuable storage boxes. You will decide the world’s fate, so you must try your best to bring peace to the world.


There are over 200 enemies with different shapes and styles for you to confront. In addition, each monster has its own unique and characteristic ability and particular attack pattern, so you need to know its strengths or weaknesses to take advantage and come up with a suitable battle strategy. More than 120 skills that Epic Battle Fantasy 5 MOD APK provides your hero to fight along with other power equipment.

New mechanics clearly and detail simulate weather conditions to bring real experiences to players; a unique cooldown system is also available for players to use when needed.

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  • Available in 12 languages ​​for players to participate in, including English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese.
  • Suitable for a wide audience by exciting RPG gameplay with 30 hours of free play plus many dungeons and challenges for you to choose from and experience great adventures.
  • Set up devastating combos with damage amplifying status effects that help you take down your enemies with ease, providing respawn and summoning in battle.
  • More than 120 skills you can use and diverse equipment to aid you in battles, increase attack power, and damage enemies with just one play.
  • Over 200 enemies with different looks for you to choose from and fight with unique abilities and attack patterns, helping you eliminate all enemies with ease.




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