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Egypt: Old Kingdom MOD APK v0.1.56 Mod Unlocked Full Game

Egypt: Old Kingdom MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :0.1.56
Mod Info :Unlocked Full
Size :292MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Egypt: Old Kingdom MOD APK – a real-time strategy game which originally came out on PC and due to the fascinating plot and classic gameplay won considerable popularity and here we have a full mobile port of that strategy. So, you have to go to Egypt during the construction of the pyramids and try to develop their own state. Wide gameplay possibilities, a huge number of buildings, development system, great graphics and support for Russian language will allow you to fully enjoy favorite gameplay.

Egypt: Old Kingdom MOD APK – a global geopolitical strategy. Immerse yourself in the world of Ancient Egypt and create your own settlement in the vast expanses of the endless desert. As the ruler of a separate state, you will need to expand the borders of your small village, recruit professional soldiers, hire workers, build industrial or residential buildings, and even build real pyramids. In order for your cities to develop and new people to come to them, find sources of building resources and food. Establish relations with neighboring countries, listen to your political advisor, and try to please your citizens to earn glory points and rule forever.

Egypt: Old Kingdom MOD APK — this is an amazing strategy game developed by Clarus Victoria. The project brings us back to the time of the Great pyramids, where you start your journey. On your shoulders lies the reunification of the tribes and the creation of the First Empire in Egypt. It is worth noting that Egyptologists helped in the creation of the strategy. The project is filled with references to historical events. You will be transported to Memphis, in the years 3500-2140 BC, at a time when the throne sat the first great pharaohs. You need to unite the land of the country and lead your Kingdom to prosperity. However, later you will have to face the great drought and devastation.

You – the reincarnation of the sun God Horus, who together with the rulers of Egypt is fighting a strong Set. This is the God of chaos and destruction, the perpetrator of numerous attacks on the territory of Ancient Egypt. You can play the game as you wish: learn new inventions, conquer tribes nearby and bring your gods to greatness and glory. It is you who create the future and history of this country. Before you will be difficult tactical tasks that you have to solve. Compared to the last part, there is more variety and longer adventure, as well as improved animation units. 

Egypt: Old Kingdom MOD APK is now available in GooglePlay! Download now and play the first 53 turns for free! Get the full version and discover the history of Ancient Egypt in all its glory.

Build and develop Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Provide enough resources for your city, deal with friendly and hostile neighbors, broaden your state, send expeditions to faraway lands, and build the Great Pyramids! The mighty Gods of Egypt are watching and guiding your every step, so remember to show them your respect and gratitude, and they will lead your Old Kingdom to prosperity!

*Doesn’t require an online connection to play!
*Includes all of the campaigns and modes of the PC version!


You are one of the multitudes of incarnations of the great Horus, and side by side with the pharaohs, you are fighting against the mighty Seth, who unleashes numerous disasters upon the lands of Ancient Egypt. Win wars and overcome crises, discover new technologies, worship your gods and conquer neighboring tribes! Are you wise enough to help the ancient kings to unify Lower and Upper Egypt, build a stable economy and to erect the Great Pyramids?

You will find yourself in Memphis, 3500-2140 years B.C., the time of the first six dynasties of pharaohs. You will unify the country and create a prosperous kingdom, which later will have to face the havoc of the First Intermediate Period.

You will lead the construction of pyramids, choose their design and materials. This process requires tremendous investments, but it is the only way to keep peace and order in the country.

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You will not only deal with the problems of farmers and craftsmen but also make important political decisions, which will define the future of the kingdom. Numerous challenges and events of different scale await you.

Discover the world of the Old Kingdom: exploit new lands, send expeditions to different places, and meet different cultures. Use every opportunity to learn about your surroundings and to expand Egypt’s borders.


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