dungeon village 2 mod apk

Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK v1.4.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.4.0
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :40MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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You can find a village located in an exceptional location in Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK, and you will be attached to it throughout the experience. This village has an exceptional and convenient location for your development and earning. But right from the start, you’ll spend a lot of time learning and figuring out how to develop the essentials. Also, if you want to earn a lot of money, don’t forget to expand the influence of the village.


You will travel to a village with a relatively large area that you will spend time developing. It has a unique element near the area that adventurers pass through to enter the site to destroy the enemy. In other words, this is the key for you to develop your village and you should be happy to see many adventurers coming to your town, and they will go to different shops to buy something certain. You need to do your job well in the game.

You will not be the one who will control the adventurers to fight the enemies but only focus on managing what is related to the village. In other words, in addition to the actions related to the village, the remaining operations will be performed automatically. But developing the village will take a long time because there will be many factors that affect the progress of the village development. It can be said that this is a common feature of management-related games.


When you start experiencing Dungeon Village 2, you will indeed find your village is nothing but an inn. So surely over time, there will be many shops with different functions that can spring up according to the development of the village. The first job you need to do is to receive the information you receive and do not ignore any information because those are all important mechanics in the game and you will know what you need to do when you begin the game.

The buildings inside this game are divided into three categories: Equipment, Stores, and Food/Drink. Your first job is to build a Weapon Store on any land you want. But you will realize that you should choose the area where the adventurers can go and, of course, you will not be able to influence these characters. They are similar to NPCs that pass through your village and enter the places they desire.

It is the money-generating factor for this village when all the elements in the game are operated, and each shop they enter has a unique value. With each visit to the shops, you will immediately receive a certain amount of gold coins, and anyone will know how to do it right after. You will try to attract as many characters to your village as possible, and there will always be ways for you to do this besides building a thriving village.


Building shops or landscapes inside Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK gives you a source of money, and it will increase if you have a developed and bustling village. The supporting factor for this is the number of adventurers coming to this village, and it is determined by the village’s popularity stat located in the lower right corner of the screen. So there will be several ways in which you can increase your village’s stats entirely quickly.

Besides the construction, the events that take place together are a factor worth paying attention to. Each event is only approved as eligible for the organization when you have a certain amount of town points. So, after choosing a specific event, your next job is to continue taking care of your village. During the management process, you will see that there will be many adventurers coming here because there is an exciting event going on. So you will need to prepare everything to host them.

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Besides the village’s popularity index, another factor will make your town more famous and developed. It is similar to an upgrade mechanism in other games of the same genre. Specifically, in Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK, there will be a ranking system for villages based on the number of stars. Since we are just starting the game, there is no rank yet, and gradually players will gain the first number of ranks by consuming a certain amount of resources.

After you have spent many resources to rank up, many stats will start to be changed, and new elements will also appear. When the village gets one star, you will see that your popularity has also increased because your status has improved. At the same time, besides the essential elements that you can build, some other salons or environmental factors have been added. From there, you have more to do with these money-making shops.




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