dungeon reels tactics mod apk

Dungeon Reels Tactics MOD APK v1.9.5 Mod Free In-App Purchases

Dungeon Reels Tactics MOD APK

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Dungeon Reels Tactics MOD APK is a challenging party based RPG roguelike with Slot Machine based Combat. Your party members’ unique slot machine will supply your abilities each turn. Make the best decisions to succeed in Battle. Lose party members, recruit new ones, and try to reach The “Great Evil”.

Enter a Dungeon equipt with a Slot Machine of powerful spells. Defeat enemies and add new spells to your Slot Machine.
Encounter procedurally generated dungeons with tons of variation! Creating a unique experience every time you play.
Draft a Slot Machine that is powerful enough to take down the final Boss!

Dungeon Reels Tactics MOD APK is a party-based, roguelike, with slot machines and puppet shows! Collect new party members with their own pre-built slot machine reels and embark on an adventure to ATTEMPT to defeat The “Great Evil”…. Traverse a map filled with enemy encounters, fate cards to resolve, treacherous bosses, and more!

Recruit new party members by collecting recruit tickets throughout your adventure:
Each run of Dungeon Reels Tactics will include a pool of 12 different characters you can recruit throughout the adventure. To gain new recruits you will need to collect soul shards from fallen foes, resolve fate cards, or purchase recruit tickets in the shop. If a party member falls in battle they will die and you will need to recruit a party member for the adventure.

Slot Machines determine your abilities each turn:
Each party member has their own unique slot machine. Each turn the slot machine will give you 3 random abilities from your reel. Make the best decision each turn to dominate the battlefield. Get 3 of a kind to trigger your party members unique jackpot ability.

Traverse the map, complete bonus objectives, and attempt to defeat The “Great Evil”:
Each run will begin with a randomly generated Map. The goal is to defeat each of the 3 bosses. Each time you defeat a boss you will be returned to the start of the map and some of your old path will be removed. After defeating the 3 bosses on the map, if you have completed at least 3 of the bonus objectives you will unlock The “Great Evil” fight at the end.

Dungeon Reels Tactics MOD APK is an exciting and fun game for your device where you will have fun!

The first cheat or exploit is to not skip the tutorial, even if you’re an advanced player and this is your second, third or fourth alt account. The beginner’s tutorial gives you lots of free stuff and rewards, which are some of the most valuable items in the game.
-Keep watching ads and collect more and more daily currency rewards.
-Play daily events for more chance to get better currency.
-Practising to get better time in PVE or offline mode. Don’t skip any unleashed events.
-Use ad packs from the store to get currency . And free packs can be obtained every certain hours.
-Play against many different opponents with many different gameplay style.

Dungeon Reels Tactics MOD APK


In this game, you have to plunge into the world of a roguelike, where you will assemble a team of heroes and set off to explore various territories, of which there are a huge number. Enemies will meet on your way, and therefore you must assess the situation, come up with tactics and try to defeat him in order to receive your reward and become the strongest!


Dungeon Reels Tactics MOD APK features bright and colorful graphics, presented in HD quality as well as in pixel format, which will appeal to many players. Also, all fighting games are made in 3D. The visual special effects are excellent, and the controls allow you to manage even with one hand.
Right now you can download this game from our website and get an unforgettable gaming experience! There is a hacked version on our site, where there will be free purchases!


24 Characters to recruit/unlock
30 Enemies
6 Bosses
100 Fate Cards
40 Relics.
26 Unique Arenas
A procedurally generated puppet show narrative.

P/S: An internet connection is required for in-app purchases, any purchases will not affect actual purchases.(Cần có kết nối internet để mua hàng trong ứng dụng, mọi thao tác mua đều không ảnh hưởng đến mua hàng ngoài thực tế.)



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