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Dungeon Maker MOD APK v1.11.24 Mod Free In App Purchase – Dungeon Maker Mod Unlocked All DLC

Dungeon Maker MOD APK

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About Dungeon Maker MOD APK

The dungeon is where darkness reigns. Devils and darks often hide in this place. This is not a place for humans, only the legendary heroes are brave enough to enter the dungeon, but very few people can return. When it comes to dungeons, perhaps you think of a role-playing game where you can transform into a brave knight fighting monster and protecting peace for the kingdom.

In many role-playing games and strategy games, you often join with the knights in the dungeons and defeat monsters. But have you ever sided with the dark side and think that the devils are only trying to protect their homeland? Play Dungeon Maker now, a very unique strategy game of GameCoaster publisher. In this game, you will find tactics for the devil and the bosses to protect the dungeon from the attacks of the knights.


Dungeon Maker MOD APK is about the life of devils. The Dark Lord is the ruler of all monsters and demons in the dungeon. They live a peaceful life without affecting people. But, the human knights often broke the peace of dungeons. They never stop until they defeated the Dark Lord. Though she does not wants war, the Dark Lord has to assemble his army and be ready to fight the stupid knights who come to die.

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Dungeon Maker MOD APK gameplay is made up of many factors. As a turn-based combat strategy game combined with a tower defence game, your task is to summon monsters in each turn to repel the attacks of knights. The Dark Lord is the heart of the dungeon. If you let her get defeated, your dungeon will completely collapse. In this game, the dark lord is not fierce monsters or dragons but beautiful girls. The Dark Lord can fight, but when you run out of energy, she can be defeated. So, you have to find the right tactics to protect her.

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The map consists of 12 (3×4) squares, with three vertical rows. Like Plants vs Zombies, the heroes will follow in a vertical line to fight the Dark Lord. You need to set traps and summon monsters appropriately to stop them. Choosing monsters, traps and how you place them all depends on your tactics. There is no guide or formation to help you win every match, you have to find the right strategy after each defeat. Currently, the game has two main modes includes Normal Mode and Total War.

Unlock Dark Lord and monsters

At the first few levels, you may feel everything quite easily. However, the higher the level, your enemies get stronger and more powerful. They also have cunning tactics to break through your defences. Besides good tactics, you should upgrade your monsters to increase the stats for the entire squad. Match two monsters to create a stronger monster.

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Of course. The joy of every player when play Dungeon Maker MOD APK is to unlock Dark Lord and monsters. You can unlock and summon monsters by collecting their eggs. Some of the Dark Lord you can choose from including Elizabeth, Lilith, Rebecca, Emma, etc. In which, Elizabeth is a vampire. She has the ability to slow down and attack enemies with her skills. Lilith has the ability to charming enemies and makes them fight each other. Depending on your tactics, you can choose a suitable dark lord.

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As one of the best strategy games on Google Play, however, Dungeon Maker MOD APK only chooses 2D graphics in classic pixel style. The game is designed like a chessboard. It gives you a feeling of nostalgia, like playing old console games. The graphics and images of the game certainly can’t be compared to today’s top strategy games, but it’s also unique and addictive.

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Download Dungeon Maker MOD APK free for Android

Dungeon Maker MOD APK gives you a whole new perspective on dungeons and monsters. You will play on the side of the villains, protecting the dungeon from those who claim to be knights. If you want new and unique experiences, this is a game you cannot miss.

This game sells for $ 2.99. That’s not too big a price for one of the best strategy games on Google Play and the App Store. However, if you have trouble paying with VISA, download the game via the links below this article. We have the original Dungeon Maker APK and Dungeon Maker MOD for you. Just a few basic steps, you can download and install completely free.


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