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Dragon Village MOD APK v13.90 Mod Unlimited Money

Dragon Village MOD APK

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Dragon Village MOD APK is an interview simulation that helps you explore the world of dragons with the task of taking care and building houses for dragons to train them to become real gladiators. There are many different types of forests for you to choose from and raise them to turn them into powerful animals with excellent attack power to be able to destroy more vigorous opponents. At the same time, you will explore the dragon village built by you and summon mighty dragon warriors to participate in dramatic and exciting battles.


Dragon village MOD APK is a great simulation game that allows players to become a master of animal trainers and build a beautiful village. Players will collect training and power-up items for the dragons they raise to bring them to battle. This is really an exciting entertainment game with stunning 3D image quality, giving you a fun dragon farming experience.


Players will start with incubating dragon eggs and help this egg increase in a short time to be able to own a lovely uncle and perform his tasks. Your task is to provide enough food for them to help them develop comprehensively in all aspects, and as your dragon achieves higher levels, they will become more substantial.

After that, you will continue to hatch eggs and take care of many other eggs to own a large number of dragons for fighting. In addition, you can also breed and combine dragons to create extremely rare dragons. The rarer the dragons, the longer the incubation time will be, and you will feel that your wait is entirely worth it.


In this game, the owner will belong to a particular element, and the living environment is also completely different, so the collection of rare dragons also goes through different stages. Players will collect more dragon eggs and unlock special levels to complete assigned missions. Hybrid dragons possess from 4 to 5 different elements, and they will be able to adapt to the environment that suits those elements.


Information is an indispensable element in Dragon Village MOD APK because it will provide more items and resources for raising more vigorous dragons. First, you need to upgrade the hatching building and build a beautiful habitat suitable for different types of dragons. Then you need to build farms to grow special foods and supplement food for the dragons you own. Not only that, selling children must upgrade buildings to help them promote more productivity and efficiency, and help you expand the territory of the dragon village.


To be able to own the most powerful dragons, you must be a hardworking and professional breeder and train effectively. Dragon Village MOD APK organizes regular arenas to let your dragons participate, and you will choose the three most potent dragons to fight your opponents. You can choose to play directly or against the computer system. You will receive attractive rewards such as money, food, or a rare dragon egg if you win.


Players will be amazed at the game’s highly eye-catching graphics with a cute design style. The makers have sketched the dragon eggs and the shapes of the dragons incredibly creatively and in detail. When the dragon eggs come out, they have an adorable shape with beautiful colors, bringing a familiar feeling of closeness to the player.

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  1. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn: you will incubate and care for them when they just hatch while building a beautiful dragon village for them and growing them more robust and more vital.
  2. Collect rare dragons and unlock exceptional levels, breed them together to create rare dragons for battle. The incubation time is longer, but they will possess special powers in return.
  3. Build structures such as farms to grow food to feed the dragons, upgrade their evidence and build a great environment to raise dragons and help them adapt quickly.
  4. Fight other dragons with a choice of up to 3 dragon types, try to win for bonuses and rare food eggs, and increase the strength of the dragons after each match.
  5. 3 game modes including Adventure, Dungeon, and Competition with diverse challenges and exciting gifts and items for players to discover and prove their talents through confrontations.




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