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Dino Bash v1.6.5 Mod Unlimited Money –  Dino Bash Dinosaurs v Cavemen Tower Defense Wars

Dino Bash MOD APK is a witty strategy game from the publisher Tilting Point. This time, people are no longer the center, but on the contrary, you fight along with dinosaurs that look cute but are crazy about humans.

Introduce about Dino Bash

Dinosaurs v Cavemen Tower Defense Wars

A world full of dinosaurs but very different from what we already know

Dino Bash brings us back to the Jurassic era where dinosaurs and giant reptiles always happened. As always, humans are always the victims of bloody chases from many species of dinosaurs. But in Dino Bash, you don’t have to play the role of the victim anymore. Instead, you help the dinosaurs fight the humans. Surely humans have done something to make the dinosaurs so angry.

Dino Bash for Android 1440x810

Dino Bash comes up with a theory why dinosaurs don’t like humans. Maybe humans have violated the underground boundaries of the animals that are dominating this planet. Cavemen, ancient humans have always wanted to steal dinosaur eggs. So, dinosaurs angry. They seek human beings to reclaim justice.

In other words, you hurt me, I have to stand up and protect myself before you gradually do more evil things. Anyway, I like this way of opening. People in difficult times can become more brutal and crueller than ever. Eating eggs, chasing another species to the end have happened in history for millions of years. That’s why many species no longer exist on this earth (of course many of them disappear due to natural disasters not related to humans).

Humorous gameplay, no brain damage

The setting is like that, but the expression and progression of things in Dino Bash is very gentle and cute. Although it belongs to the category of strategy games, the gameplay of Dino Bash does not have any pressure, on the contrary, it is very relaxing and comfortable. Maybe that’s why the game belongs to the genre “anyone can play”.

In the game, you don’t actually play a specific role. Not on the human side, nor a dinosaur. You are like an invisible force helping and standing behind dinosaurs to fight against the caveman people out there.

Dino Bash MOD APK download 1440x810

Let me have an example of your role. There is an important task in the game that you must always keep in mind: protect dinosaur eggs from people. Through the controls on the screen, you can choose the items available in the bottom of the screen to shield, camouflage the dinosaur eggs. Or you can touch the stone and pull it towards the enemies. When you release your hand, a dinosaur will fly over to pick up the stone and hit the head of the caveman.

Weapons, dinosaurs, and what’s more?

All the big and small missions in the game if done, you will always get stars and coins, help you level up and unlock items, dinosaurs.

After passing some levels, you have the right to unlock and summon dinosaurs to fight the humans. Each species has its own attack style and advantages. Depending on the enemy, you need to choose the right dinosaurs to fight. Initially, you only have little dinosaurs, then when the level is raised higher through the levels, you will unlock the fearsome prehistoric dinosaurs, such as T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors … enough the power to crush any enemy.

Not stopping there. Sometimes, you will get special “gifts” from nature: volcanic eruption, ice, blizzard, hurricane, a shower through the forest … Take advantage of all that to defeat the humans out there, with more destructive power than any weapon.

A note for you: do not be fooled by the cute appearance of the caveman, they are not as gentle as you think. There must be something that they dare to steal eggs and fight back dinosaurs, right? They also have their own strengths (such as running fast, fast healing, climbing walls, launching javelins …) and you, will have to use your own tactics to make the right choices for weapons and dinosaurs.

The scene is rich, the graphics are eye-catching, the music is alive

The game is just that, super easy operation is just like “scratching” for those guys who have played many action strategy games. Importantly, the content is very rich from scenes to dinosaurs and powerful enemy characters.

Dino Bash MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Moreover, the 2D graphics with horizontal screen and colors are extremely cute. Honestly, I have never seen so many dinosaurs at the same time like that, and they look so happy, innocent, cute. Even humans who are enemies are super cute, except for some characters that look quite annoying.

Download Dino Bash MOD APK for Android

Come on, guys! You do not need to brainstorm, just live your best in the dinosaur world. After playing this game, your thoughts on dinosaurs are different. You won’t believe the Jurassic Park series anymore. Download Dino Bash MOD APK and play here, everyone.




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