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Dig Out MOD APK v2.40.0 Mod Unlimited Money


Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.40.0
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :150MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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When it comes to adventure games, perhaps Dig Out MOD APK is the game that many players love the most. You will become an explorer with many modern tools and machines to assist you in your search for underground treasures. In addition, you will face dangers that are always lurking around or creepy beasts such as snakes spiders,… It would help if you always carried weapons in every journey to kill those scary monsters and complete assigned tasks.


The game is designed with unique pixel graphics combined with a classic style. The game’s soundtrack is also a factor in its success and immerses the player in the beautiful adventure scene. At the same time, the characters in the game are also designed with funny images like cartoon movies. This game is really an adventure with many traps and monsters dense underground.

Besides, you will discover many items, gold coins, treasures and collect them to pass the levels. The more you will be attracted to the game, the longer you play in this mysterious and dark environment, and it stimulates your curiosity. The character system is also highly diverse, and you will unlock more characters when you earn a lot of money.


Your mission in this game is to mine gold and gems. At the end of each level, you will find a treasure chest of great value and give you a considerable amount of money. Prehistoric people leave these underground treasures, and you will plan to take them all quickly. Your success will depend on your mining skills and strategic moves.

First, you must thoroughly prepare tools, machines, weapons, and other tools for your very long journey. In addition, you must observe and calculate exactly where the treasure is on the map to calculate the way to move. At the same time, you must dodge dangerous monsters and traps that stand in your way. To control the character’s movement, slide your finger to the side you want and use the digging tools to create a new path. If your character loses too much health or is injured by a monster, the time to move to the treasure will be slower. Therefore, you need to carefully move each step to minimize the collision with those pitfalls.


In addition to the main task of digging for gold and gems, the game also gives you some other small tasks. If you complete all the assigned tasks, you will receive the maximum reward and some work to do, such as helping people easily repair buildings unlocking any new characters. The difficulty of the challenges will gradually increase over time to challenge you. Moreover, it would help to upgrade your character’s strength to adapt to new environments. After completing the tasks, you will receive the rewards that you have accumulated.


When entering this dark labyrinth, you will have to deal with many different powerful enemies such as goblins, door-keeper dwarves, ghosts, snakes, etc. You will need to guard against any risky situations the most likely to happen. Your enemies will block your path at any time, so you must always carry a weapon to destroy them. In addition, deadly traps are distributed everywhere, and you can use bombs to break them or use rocks to crush them.

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  1. Exclusive treasure diggers help you go deeper in the dark gold mine with randomly generated endless adventure maps, giving you exciting experiences.
  2. Many traps are everywhere in the maze. Whether it is a rolling rock or a block of earth, you should be careful. In addition, you will face a dense system of dungeons and monsters.
  3. The system of attractive tasks for you to perform and help you get a lot of gold and gems, such as assisting people to repair their houses and fixing the elevator going underground with support items and tools.
  4. Classic style graphics with very smooth visual movements and skills, giving players new experiences and immersion in the game screen.
  5. Confront many different enemies such as bats, venomous snakes, spiders,… It would help if you had your weapons ready to guard against the underground goblins, or you can create traps to destroy them.




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