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Dicey Dungeons APK v2.0.0 Apk Full Paid

Dicey Dungeons APK


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Dicey Dungeons APK is a card game that combines a role-playing battle adventure with a dice element in a dungeon setting. The wildly absurd but extremely attractive story in this game will take you on a very exciting adventure.

Introduce about Dicey Dungeons APK

Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon!


The story is about a mysterious gameshow. In which Lady Lucky is always tired of being a host. Because she was bored, she showed all sorts of absurdities. And the peak of it was one fine day, suddenly she turned all players into dice. She then dumped them all into endless dark dungeons after declaring that only the one who wins this game will get her way out.

One of the reasons why Dicey Dungeons APK is so dramatic, attractive is in its unexpectedness. Almost from start to finish, you can’t guess any of the details. Everything is random change arbitrarily from dungeons to monsters, items on the way, and a variety of hidden secrets. That’s it, the deeper you go, the more bizarre and difficult the dungeons become like the increasing complexity of the gameshow rounds.

The character class is quite a lot, you will need time to get to know each character well

Dicey Dungeons APK has up to 6 dice hero classes for you to choose from. Each hero has a unique style, color, shape, and fighting ability. In there:

  • Theft Dice: steal enemy equipment, randomly during each turn.
  • Robot Dice: play Lucky Blackjack and earn his own dice.
  • Inventor dice: this character is always full of creative inspiration. After each battle, this guy will destroy old machines and create new stronger equipment to prepare for the upcoming battle.
  • Witch dice: using magic is mainly, powerful, capable of high damage from a distance.
  • Clown dice: use his props to make a flexible means of combat
  • Warrior dice: enhance the ability to fight in the team that is losing

Each character will have a certain amount of item slots. You will be equipped with several ready-made cards and some more obtained from the battle process. When combining them you will get a more powerful item that can be used to knock enemies. Each card comes with a certain score. The most difficult thing is to calculate and arrange the dice so that they match that number, then expect to activate the card with the corresponding number of points.

In addition, for each class, each character will have its own way of using dice, accompanied by auxiliary skills that are shown as plus or minus points in each turn. So every time a new deck is opened, the situation completely changes, opening up countless new challenges that are never the same.


The gameplay of Dicey Dungeons APK is quite simple but funny and interesting. In essence, this is a strategy game combining super-speed intellectual puzzles. But it all takes place in the dark context of the dungeons. You will go into dungeons, confront and destroy hundreds of different monsters, collect loot, collect valuable items to continuously level up your dice hero. The game requires you to think carefully about each move, everything needs a clear strategy.

The Deckbuilder system in Dicey Dungeons APK is designed to be completely creative, random, and unlimited. It can lead to a variety of different playing strategies. Depending on each player, each different step will create a lot of unique fighting methods. In the dungeon, wherever you go, there are many new challenges, traps, and secrets that are born, also randomly. The deeper you dive in, the more dramatic and captivating everything becomes.

The way to play the card game in Dicey Dungeons APK is quite classic, but its fast speed and high tactical requirements will often make you bewildered. There’s an element of chance here with the dice, but it’s only part of it. Most of the rest you have to calculate continuously, putting yourself in constantly changing situations with the random elements that the game brings. Only then can you win, pass the stage and move on.

Through the game rounds, you will in turn open new dice. However, the cruel thing is that if you are lucky you can’t complete a game screen (a round of gameshow), you will have to play from the beginning of that level. The fog each stage is about 20 minutes, not too long. So you have to think quickly to pass the scene.

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But not because of that, Dicey Dungeons APK players are discouraged. Because its gameplay is very special. It’s not just a card game, it’s also role-playing, rolling lucky dice, plus shaping tactics.

During the game, you can also buy or upgrade cards to change the way you attack commensurate with the enemy you are facing. This is also a flexible mechanism to motivate players in too difficult levels.




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