devil war 3d offline fps game mod apk

Devil War: 3D Offline FPS Game MOD APK v1.0.1 Mod Unlimited Money

Devil War: 3D Offline FPS Game MOD APK

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In the magical world, the wisdom of mankind has made the earth civilization highly developed, but the fragility of the human body has attracted the attack of the dark forces of the alien planet.

They created a batch of super puppet mechas by injecting the genes of the ancient heroes of the earth into the robot body, and plundered the resources that belonged to human beings. The flames of war continue to spread, and the earth is on the verge of being torn apart…

The protagonist played by the player is one of the transformed mechas, but yearns for freedom and resists oppression. In the long-term struggle, the heroic gene of the protagonist gradually awakened, and he was determined to use this power to overthrow the dark rule and liberate the enslaved human beings. Are you ready to embark on this unknown journey?

Devil War: 3D Offline FPS Game MOD APK is a 3D first-person shooting game of science fiction, which contains quite rich gameplay. The story happened in 2033, when humans activated the “Ring of Hera” for the first time. The portal to hell was opened, and a large number of devils poured into the earth. In 2053, the earth was basically occupied by devils. You lead a team to the location of the portal, and carry out a mission code named “Finality” to destroy the portal. You must restore peace to the world and save the people.

Devil War: 3D Offline FPS Game MOD APK – the terrible war between the gorillas and the Rukh birds has long been over and new times are coming for the Three kingdoms with new battles. Now the world is divided into demons and Immortals who fight for their territories and conquer new ones. Which side you choose and how the history of the Three kingdoms unfolds depends only on You!
In this epic offline shooting game, you are in the world of science fiction warfare, you can’t only get the thrill of battles, but also experience the grand combat world immersivity according to the storyline. Kill devils, complete levels, shoulder the duty, stop the spread of evil, and protect the human world. Devil war is not only about battles, but also has an epic development system. Heroes, pets, and equipment all of these can be upgraded to the top level. Experience Devil War: 3D Offline FPS Game MOD APK now, it will take you into a new world, destroy the evil forces and devil world, you are the demon hunter.


Complete 7 areas, defeat 7 lords and eliminate deadly sins
Resist the attack of devils, kill lords and obtain powerful equipment
Develop your pet – imp, he will help you in battles
Equip more powerful weapons, build your arsenal, handle the battle with ease
Upgrade to the top equipment, improve attributes, you are invincible
Advance hero, unlock various divine skills
Complete missions to get lots of rewards

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Free to play this unique science fiction shooting game, become an excellent devil hunter
Fascinating storyline, give you an immersive story experience while fighting science fiction battles
Epic fps game, you will experience a perfect visual effect
Simplified controls, automatic aiming and shooting, extremely easy to control, which will give you a best operation experience
Fast battle rhythm, kill devils in a row, quickly complete levels
Exquisite game graphics, smooth motion animation, real character models, equipment and maps
Ingenious game level design, reasonable use organs to win
Unique development system, hero advancement, equipment collection and pet upgrade
Rich game contents, you can stop playing
A variety of hero skins to choose from




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