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Destination: Dragons! MOD APK v1.6.2 Mod Unlimited Money

Destination: Dragons! – a typical role-playing toy, made in pixel format, with a simple control system, giving the gamer the opportunity to act as the owner of a fire-breathing snake. In this mobile project, the gamer will be able to tame a mythical winged creature, where he will have to regularly train his pet, besides taking part in dynamic duels. Initially, the user will be forced to go hunting and catch a dragon, after which he will have to improve his skills in every possible way to achieve victorious success in large arenas, entering into battle with other creatures. Destination: Dragons! MOD APK.

Destination: Dragons! is an RPG where you get to enjoy a fun adventure as you aim to become the best dragon trainer in the world. It’s an RPG with tons of possibilities and different game modes, so you enjoy vibrant combats in story mode or against other players online. 
Destination: Dragons! MOD APK.

As soon as you start playing, you’ll get to choose the first dragon that will accompany you on your adventure. Each dragon has its own characteristics and abilities that will determine how you want to play in the typical turn-based combats in the game. Your dragon will attack its rivals automatically, but you’ll decide when you want to release its powerful special abilities. But the great thing about Destination: Dragons! is that it’s not all about the combats; there are tons of details to make sure you thoroughly enjoy the game. Destination: Dragons! MOD APK.

The story in Destination: Dragons! is similar in a lot of ways to Pokémon titles and it has a great sense of humor to make sure you enjoy each dialogue in the game. In addition to fighting in the main arena, the game lets you go into the unknown to make your dragons stronger and discover more about the story.

Destination: Dragons! is an incredibly fun RPG with an interesting story, a charismatic cast of characters, and fantastic pixel art design. It’s a title that lets you customize your dragons and your character with endless skills and objects

Destination: Dragons! MOD APK v1.6.2 Mod Unlimited Money.

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Ever want to train your own dragon? Ever want to watch her fight?
Now you can in this accessible, yet deep RPG adventure!
▼ You want dragons?
We got dragons of shapes and sizes!
Choose a dragon of your liking to start with and
embark on a fantastic journey to find (and train)
the ultimate dragon!
▼ Train your dragon to make her stronger!
Set out on hunts with your dragon and they’ll
come back stronger or with new special abilities
and skills! Hunts occur in real-time, so you can
wait for for your dragon to return, or tap bring her
home faster! Play as much (or as little) as you want!
▼ Dragon Battles
After taking your dragon out on hunts to make her
stronger, you also engage in hot, dragon-on-dragon
combat in the Arena! Victory will increase your
standings and grant special loot! The higher
you climb the rankings, the stronger your foes become!
▼ A cast of wacky, would-be heroes! Crazy, unexpected events!
The world is full of more than just dragons! There are also
people of all shapes and sizes! Spark up a conversation and you
could earn items or help them with their troubles. They may even
challenge you to a fight! The further you progress, the larger the
cast will become!
▼ Share maps with trainers all around the world
Maps can give you access to rare hunts, which in turn can reward
you with new abilities & ultimates! Share your favorite maps with
others on Twitter and reap the rewards!
▼ PvP battles of epic scale(s)!
Want to find out who has the strongest dragon?
Then challenge your friends in 1-on-1 combat!
You can choose to battle with your current
dragon, or any other dragon you have trained up
until that point in time! * Dragons outgrowing their
training periods will be released. They may be gone,
but their data will live on in your pocket!



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