despotism 3k apk

Despotism 3k APK v1.2.28 Apk Full Paid

Despotism 3k APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.2.28
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :59MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Despotism 3k APK– strategy game with elements of roguelike for Android, where you have to enslave humanity. In this game you are transported into an era where the world is ruled by AI and manipulates people that should get him the power. Build your vast Empire and ensure people were doing their job and not die from hunger and fatigue. Your main task in the game is the movement of people between the two buildings with a mechanical claw. In one building people have to rest, to multiply and to produce their own food, and in another – to produce energy, which is sorely lacking. The game will delight you with black humor, numerous missions and quests.

There are many games on the topic of supercomputers; those games have in common that they are the people who own them all. But have you ever thought about the prospect of humans becoming slaves of computers? There are very few games on this topic on the market, and one of them is Despotism 3k APK, an exciting game on the market. A dark perspective is being opened when players come to this game, where humans are no longer the ruler. If the player wants to have the best experience, the best game will be an option not to be missed.

The story of the game takes place in the future when humans are still the ruler of all this earth, and all are for human service. Human technology in this period has been developing significantly and far beyond the present. The greatest achievement that man has ever achieved is the success of creating an AI – Artificial Intelligence, which is expected by many people to serve humans. Initially, it did its job very well, and because of one of the most successful artificial intelligence, except so far, they can learn to develop themselves. This is a good thing, but things soon get out of human control. Having learned so much, it betrayed humans and decided to enslave humanity to create its empire, where it was dominant.

Become a brutal tyrant

When reading the story of the game, the player must think that he will become a certain superhero and save the world. But no, you’re wrong, there won’t be any superheroes who can save people. When coming to this game, the player will play that AI and be the ruler of the world by enslaving humans to build their empire. Players will be turned into a dictator and brutal to experience the game rather than a saviour. This will give players a very new experience, far different from what players have tried in other games.

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Manage your empire

When you come to the game, the player will have the task of managing everything that you have and earn more to build more new things. First of all, the player will be provided with five human games to use in generating energy. Every 20 seconds, the player loses energy, and the energy can only be recharged using humans as a battery. Players will capture humans and bring them to a machine so they can run, and that will create energy for the player. But players need to pay attention to their durability because if the player exploits them too much, they will die.

Every 20 seconds, each person will consume a unit of food to be able to continue to operate, if there is no food, it will die. So players will need to produce food by forcing people to go to a food-making machine and making it work to create food.

If the player wants to develop their empire, the player, there should be more people. To have more people, you will force two people into a machine so that they create more people.




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