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Designer City: Fantasy Empire MOD APK v1.02 Mod Unlimited Money


Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.02
Mod Features :Unlimited Money
Size :96MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Design and build a fantasy town. Develop it into a bustling and lively city, help it grow and evolve into a huge prosperous fantasy empire. This is a free offline city building game with no wait times and no limitations.

A simulation showcasing a new empire, a casual idle construction game. In the self-built city, you can relax and enjoy the world, build your hometown and empire step by step, and feel the regional cultural characteristics of the empire. Quickly complete the task of empire development with friends.

Be the tycoon of your medieval fantasy empire and manage all aspects of your city. Change the landscape to make beautiful coastlines and rivers. Build houses, villas and majestic castles for your people to live in. Invest big in business and develop commercial, industrial, military, farming and travel sectors to employ your residents. Add markets where they can shop, restaurants where they can eat and bars where they can spend their evenings with friends. Decorate your city with a large selection of trees, flowers and parks. All in beautifully rendered HD.

This is a casual, stress-free city building game where you can purely focus on building your medieval fantasy city however you wish. You do not have to worry about collecting planks and screws to play the game and you won’t be slowed down by not having enough builders or cranes.

Designer City: Fantasy Empire MOD APK offers you the complete freedom to design and build your town your way with no wait times to slow down the gameplay. Plan and evolve your city building however you wish. Design your perfect city and make your amazing fantasy empire come to life. Dream it, design it and build it. Happy designing!

You can play offline, if you have no internet connection, or go online and visit empires from around the world.

Designer City: Fantasy Empire MOD APK is the fourth installment of this popular city management game franchise. The time, the main difference from previous games is that your city is set in medieval times. You will be able to build roads, housing, public facilities, landmarks, parks, energy sources, and so on. In short, you will have to design and build a perfectly functional city.

The gameplay in Designer City: Fantasy Empire MOD APK is very similar to that of the classic SimCity and other city management games, meaning that you can build the city of your dreams with total freedom. To build all the buildings and infrastructures, you will need money, and, to get this money, you will have to provide jobs for your residents. And, of course, your residents will first need houses to be able to work. The best order in which to build is usually: houses first, then jobs, then leisure.

In Designer City: Fantasy Empire MOD APK, you will find hundreds of different buildings, including a range of different living spaces, various kinds of factories, hospitals, markets, taverns and different landmarks. Each building will give you different benefits, so it’s best to plan well before starting to build. Similarly, each building also needs road access, so if you aren’t careful, you might cut off whole areas of your city. At the start, you will have to build a little more carefully, but as you develop your city, you will probably end up focusing exclusively on its appearance. And, thanks to how pretty the game is, you can make it look incredible.

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Designer City: Fantasy Empire MOD APK offers a similar but slightly different gaming experience to that of previous games in the franchise, thanks to the new setting. The game has beautiful visuals, something to be expected of the saga, and will remind you of the great strategy games of the 90s, such as SimCity, Caesar or Pharaoh.




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