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Derby Life MOD APK v1.8.88 Mod Unlimited Money

Derby Life MOD APK

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Derby Life MOD APK – a beautiful and large-scale sports project in which players decide to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and move to a horse ranch to help their grandfather, who is already hard to pull the strap of the family business. They will manage a farm, breed horses, take care of them, learn all the subtleties of the craft, train horses, and then participate in races for prizes and increase their reputation among other breeders. Each of the aspects will require personal involvement and action to get the best result. The graphics, variety, development, dynamics and much more make the game a great way to spend your free time.

Tired of the city life, you decide to visit your hometown where grandpa lives.
After reuniting with grandpa, who was running the horse ranch alone, and your old friend, you give up on the life in the city and begin to manage the horse farm.

Raise horses with your long-awaited friend to race and fulfill your dreams.

◎ Features
☞ Realistic graphics
Realistic 3D graphics of horses.

☞ Horse raising and farm management
Horse raising through training, condition management and breeding.
Upgrade stables, training facilities and more buildings.

☞ Colorful horse types
Running styles: Front Runner, Stalker, Pressure and Closer
Preferred Track: Grass, Sand and Synth

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☞ Train your horses
Increase your horses’ Speed, Sprint, Stamina, Gallop and Agility through training and gear upgrades..

☞ Participate in races around the world
Raise your horses to win in races.

☞ Breed your horses to birth the ultimate race horse
All horses have different looks, perks, stats and growth rates.

☞ Upgrade horse gear to boost additional effects!
Obtain various gear from boxes.

☞ Upgrade the ranch facilities
The ranch environment will change with the upgrades of the facilities.


P/S: Every time you play a match you get 50,000 diamonds.



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