dentures and demons mod apk

Dentures and Demons MOD APK v1.1.11 Mod Unlocked

Dentures and Demons MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.1.11
Mod Info :Unlocked Full
Size :84MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Dentures and Demons MOD APK – the pixel adventure game with elements of horror and black humor. In the story, the protagonist has to investigate the case of a dangerous cult living in a strange town. Throughout the game, the character will have to solve many puzzles and meet the inhabitants of this mysterious place. As a result of certain actions of the player, the protagonist will be able to solve the case or become the next victim of the cultists. This game contains sarcasm, dark humor and other annoying things. Please ignore this game if you are easily offended!

Dentures and Demons MOD APK bring players new experiences and discoveries to the horror puzzle genre when many elements are perfectly intertwined. Thanks to those combinations, people have to work through the stories carefully while solving puzzles or understanding the characters’ inner thoughts. Many secrets or horror details will always appear during the player’s exploration, ensuring unforgettable feelings with depth and subtle plot details.


Dentures and Demons’ content is a perfect amalgamation of many elements and styles combined with engaging and immersive storytelling. That results in better gameplay quality, and players can enjoy things in a certain way while exploring the stories that appear scattered throughout the environment. It also helps them understand more about the characters appearing in the plot and even draw their conclusions when acting or affecting things.


The controls are simple yet profound for players to investigate, interact with, and perform various actions with every object in the environment they encounter. That makes the detective element more exciting when many objects have value or use in many bad or good situations. Players can also only carry a certain amount of items, so all decisions must be made rationally and necessary while solving puzzles or escaping from terrifying nightmares.


Most of the puzzles in the Dentures and Demons MOD APK story are environmental puzzles and always have the player moving around chaotically. That also includes finding keys, tools, or related items to gain access to new areas to start new puzzles. However, everything needs to be done quietly or logically as the demons’ movements are random and react strongly to sound to make things more stimulating.


The most prominent feature of the game is the ability to enjoy the story from many different points of view, and that also involves many real-life issues that make the player’s emotions blemish. Depending on the viewing angle, the colors, landscapes, and character interactions will change significantly to diversify the gameplay experience with everything in the overview. The system will also give more appropriate hints depending on the perspective, and the player must rely on that to progress with every puzzle, environment, and more in the mansion.


Dentures and Demons’ color combination and side-scrolling style ensure players’ emotions are always rich and vivid when witnessing perfect cutscenes. Meanwhile, the color change of the viewing angles is also affected by time, making the immersive feeling more realistic as a child, an adult, and more. Depending on the player’s choices, the influence of color will always be a novel feeling that few adventure games can bring compared to others.


Besides engaging and immersive storytelling, the game uses documents or notes scattered throughout the environment to convey side stories. They are often related to a character’s conversations or thoughts, and players can collect them to create a collection together. Although the change in time will bring novelty notes, players can link the past and present together to have interesting discoveries about each character.

Dentures and Demons MOD APK is a horror adventure game rich in potential in gameplay and story to give players a truly immersive experience. Moreover, the addition of characters, relationships, and puzzles will enhance everyone’s feelings and even showcase the best of the side-scrolling adventure role-playing genre.

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This game contains sarcasm, black humor and other annoying things. Please ignore this game if you are easily offended!

The game has some bad language.



“Weird things happen in Varedze…”,
this is clear to everyone who has grown up around here.

Mountains, woods and lakes can mislead you, if you are an unwary stranger escaping from daily stress.

There’s something spooky in the air, far from the quiet suburb stereotype…

Dentures and Demons is a pixelated graphic adventure that mixes fun and thrill.

Enjoy the hilarious – and sometimes inappropriate – protagonists zingers.

Hold your breath and shed light on dark secrets, step by step, level after level.

Follow Detective Junior Peexelated investigating the case of a dangerous sect, in a crescendo of action and mystery.

Will you stop the wave of murders, or will you become a victim of this city?

Test your wits, your reflexes and your patience to solve puzzles and complete the story.


Game info:

– Graphic adventure spiced up with puzzles and arcade moments
– Several different scenarios
– Hidden achievements
– Scenes rich in characters, dialogue and interactions, enjoyable by the point-and-click fans
– Story mode consisting in 6 chapters

Extra contents:
A short director’s cut,
a point and click mini-game,
4 arcade mini-games.




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