dentures and demons 2 mod apk

Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK v1.1.6 Mod Unlocked Full Game

Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK

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whether you cry or rejoice in the ending depends on your actions. Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK – this pixel adventure game with multiple characters (ghosts, spiders, mutants, ordinary people), different locations (a spooky graveyard, the mysterious hotel, an old prison, the horrifying cave) sound effects (music, sounds of crickets, screams, knocks), and regular logic puzzles, fun dialogues. The game is not for kids, because it has: strong language, black humor, sarcasm and so on.

Introduce about Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK

Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK is a black funny adventure game published and developed by Sui Arts. The game has just been released for Android devices. In the game, you will join the adventure with a group of explorers. The goal is to find out about strange events and solve mysteries that are happening in the city. I think you should try this game if you like games with a story full of adventure and mystery.

The story

After destroying the evil plans of the Dentures cult, Junior was promoted to sergeant and the city of Varedze returned to its original peace. Not long after that, a young girl named Vala happens to be caught up in the world of Dentures and Demons. She received an anonymous call. He announces that the world is in danger because an evil force is rising. Junior was also murdered by giant spiders. Vala must fight alone and find a way to regain Varedze, avoiding the outbreak of wars affecting innocent people.

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Your goal in Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK is to help Vala solve puzzles, protect the city of Varedze and bring her back to the real world.

Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK is designed as part one. You will have to search for clues to come up with solutions to levels. If successful, you will continue to play to the next level. The biggest danger you need to dodge is the hordes of monsters. They appear everywhere. If unfortunately, the character will be killed by them and that is the reason why you have to play again from the beginning.

Junior is always with you

Many times, I’m stuck on a level and don’t even know what problem I need to deal with. Other times, I could not find a way to get past the giant spiders to continue my journey. Junior always appeared and helped me find solutions.

To be honest, Junior devoted his life to protecting Varedze city when Dentures tried to destroy it. And then, the evil force arose once again, beyond his ability. Even though they are dead, the Junior can still show his soul and give you suggestions. You should pay attention to the messages he mentions. It may be knowledge, hints about puzzles that you need to solve, some tips to help you through difficult times.

The game is divided into three chapters

Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK has three chapters. In it, the first chapter mainly talks about the opening scene and Junior’s death. Your mission is to find his body to get help from his soul.

In chapter two, you explore the locations of the game with Vala. There are many scary creatures there. They will chase you and you need to survive until the quest is complete.

In the last chapter, you take the initiative. You must go after the people behind the plan to bring Vala into the world of Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK. They are the ones who bring the monsters to the city of Varedze. The mysteries are slowly being revealed, and what can you discover? Join the game and find the answers right now!


Dentures and Demons 2’s graphics are also designed similar to the first part, retaining the classic 2D pixelation. However, the character has been elaborated more thoroughly. Even though they are pixelated graphics with a dark background, they can still show emotions on their faces. You can test that out when talking to the NPCs or their fearful expressions when facing creepy monsters.

Overall, the graphics of Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK are quite well designed. But the characters and setting are quite intimidating. You should consider this before deciding to download and experience the game.




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