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Death Road to Canada APK v1.8.1 Apk Full Paid

Death Road to Canada APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.8.1
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :85MB
Online/Offline :Offine


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Death Road to Canada APK is a roguelike game based on the zombie scene and considered “the most expensive” in the mobile game world because you can throw your phone away at any time due to the extreme inhibition in it. Playing a game, spending money to buy a new phone is real, everyone!

Death Road to Canada APK : Survive smartly to get to Canada

The scene is full of zombies, but zombies are really just an excuse

Death Road to Canada, to me, is a humorous adventure story in the context of zombies. Zombies are just an excuse, not the main plot like other games of the same genre we’ve played.

Amidst the “Apocalyptic Curse” from the Bible, the rotten world needs to be purified by an earthly catastrophe. And this time, it was an army of zombies. No need to talk about the cause, the virus, or the sublime connection between the beginning of this zombie army and humans, Death Road to Canada jumps in right away with the countless appearance of these zombies.

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Amid such hell, Canada is for some reason the only place where there are no zombies. And you are the only survivor looking for a way to overcome the deadly journey from Florida to this paradise. And of course, the road to heaven is still hell. You will face many dangers, each costing your life: no food, surrounded by darkness, hungry zombies are searching for people day and night and they can jump to eat you anytime…

Death Road to Canada APK

Death Road to Canada’s hardcore gameplay

In the game, the most important requirement is that you must have good control of the following 4 important survival stats: Food, Health, Weapons, and Fuel (this last element is for vehicle-playing mode).

The gameplay in Death Road to Canada APK is quite strange. You can play with several different modes.

The first is playing alone, winning and getting all, dying and getting nothing. You can choose your ideal model from the series of characters available in the beginning. Wherever you play, shoot as many zombies as possible, you will have more weapon upgrades, skills, and increase health. Or once accumulated enough, you can open a new character who is more talented than the current one.

The second is to play with other players, you can team up with the number of teammates up to 4 people to chew the zombies’ heads for fun. You do not need to worry because the game is very fair. Of course, with this game mode, the zombie swarm will have a commensurate increase in difficulty, speed, and number.

The third is to play with the support of vehicles. You will drive a car and overcome difficult roads full of zombies. This game mode is like mixing with racing, but the opponent is a zombie, the only task is to crash the car and shoot all the zombies out there and come to the promised land.

The manipulation you need to do in the game is also quite difficult. It must have taken a couple of your lives (I mean, playing turns) to master it. For example, for solo or team-up modes. To navigate the character, use the thumb in the lower-left corner of the screen. To interact, click on the hand-shaped icon in the lower right corner. For melee attacks, knock on the opponent’s hand. To use a ranged weapon, select the weapon switch button. But once you get used to it, you will be able to combine these actions to work better. Remember, in the game, speed is the key to victory.

Two shining stars in the gameplay

The gameplay of Death Road to Canada APK has two bright spots. One is Siege events. These are special mid-scenes in which you must live at all costs, until finishing the allotted time of the event. The lovely “surprise” the game has for you will be a bunch of zombies rushing in without hesitation and there is no slow sway here at all. Your task is to shoot as much as possible and to live as long as possible until the run out of the event’s time.

The next bright spot is that the game has a scenario system built by the player’s decisions. The choices you are forced to make are both sporadic and very humorous. Here’s a small example: along the way, you will bump into an empty car with some canned food in it. Will you eat them? The game asks that. And if you eat, you will soon have to pay the price by a large amount of Blood in your precious blood column. Kind of!

These choices are even more visible in the consequences in the game when playing team mode, each mistake or your emotional choice will sometimes bring the dead to your companions. And you will go on the rest with overwhelming regret. After having to make some choices, honestly, after a few times of experience, I really respected the game’s scriptwriters, because there were consequences/outcomes that I never thought of. Anyway, this is a completely different point and brings a lot of excitement to the game.

Graphics and sound

Cheering on the humor of Death Road to Canada APK is a display of classic 8-bit pixel graphics. But it’s not the usual 8 bits, it is an extremely lovely retro vintage 8 bit. The “100% human” characters in the game are young handsome men and beautiful women, with extremely cool hair, modern costumes like real pop stars, and extremely cool shooting guns on hands. The cheerful appearance seemed to be not related to deadly surroundings. But that is the strange catalyst that makes the game so funny.

As for the zombies, well, there are absolutely no dark blue faces, bulging eyes, and scary sore mouths like usual. Through 8-bit pixel eyes, they are now just convex, messy blocks of color and look like unfinished human drawings. You may not be scared when looking at them, but you will be just angry and ask why they draw them so messy. The scene in the game is also quite diverse, detailed, the screen is not wobbly like some pixel games.

The sound and music in Death Road to Canada APK are very catchy and quite fire, which is different from the heavy mood commonly found in the zombie game genre. You may even be excited to sway to the cheerful music in the game, even though your hands are shaking when going through the forest.




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