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Day R Premium MOD APK v1.717 Mod Unlimited Money

Day R Premium MOD APK

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Day R Premium MOD APK is an interesting game in which you propose to return to a time when the USSR still exists. But life on earth has changed. War has always been ruthless. In 1985, the Soviet Union was defeated by an unknown enemy. Literally the entire country turned into a radioactive desert for a few days and now terrible monsters, which has undergone mutations from the enormous radiation roam the ruins of Soviet cities and are looking for someone to satisfy his hunger. And you random images survived. Your destiny and future life depends only on you. But remember that survivors do not differ with kindness and compassion, all the survivors need is your food, water and of course guns.

Day R Premium MOD APK opens to a world of horrors after a nuclear war. You are lucky to be alive, but millions of others are not so lucky. At your feet are now zombies, corpses, etc. Unfortunately, your enemies now, besides hunger, also have monsters. Because they took advantage of the loopholes of space and time, attacking here. Facing you four tanks are hazardous enemies.


When people are faced with death, they become devoid of humanity. Hunger has made them selfish and cruel. As long as they are edible, they are ready to put them in their mouths and gobble them up. The dead spirits also do not let go of you, and they constantly harass you to make you obsessed. The consequences of nuclear war have not stopped. Toxic radiation is still left everywhere, causing hundreds of diseases and injuries to you.


No matter how difficult it is, you do not give up on this adventurous journey. In this battle with the disease, hunger, radiation, etc., your goal is not only to save yourself but, most importantly, your family. Even you yourself do not know if they are still alive or not. Besides, after just a few days, your country has been surrounded by radiation and violence… Those who have not been defeated by death are also waiting for you to come with the best hope.


The once magnificent cities have become wildland. Here, it is quickly controlled by many familiar but strange animals. You have the opportunity to wander around and explore this land. In addition, you can hunt animals to find food, save yourself in the days when hunger is dominating. However, be careful because a small mouse can also cause you many injuries.

From these difficulties and challenges, you can maximize your intelligence and creativity in creating many new weapons. They will help you against many sinister enemies. The skills of a blacksmith, mechanic, etc., are used to create swords, potions, etc. Your recipes are stored and become your own treasure. You can sell it for money or exchange it if you find it necessary.

Besides making combat weapons, you have to tinker with crafting vehicles yourself to serve the transportation process. From the materials left in that wilderness, you can use all your knowledge of physics and chemistry to create your own finished products. In abandoned buildings is an ideal place to live for you to hide and carry out your plans.


The world in Day R Premium MOD APK is an open world. Online multiplayer across five continents can connect with you. You become allies in the cause of saving the virtual world from hunger, death, radiation, etc. Some monsters are huge in both size and strength. You may not be able to save yourself alone. This is when your teammates are summoned. Everyone discussed the attack strategy carefully and rushed to the battlefield together.

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As a premium version, Day R Premium MOD APK remains the same as the original chat feature with online players in joint battles. However, a new improvement is that you will not encounter any limitations while chatting. This is your chance to make new friends around the world. At the same time, it is also a place for you to cultivate and learn more good strategies and lessons. If necessary, you can propose to exchange items and weapons with the enemy to serve your purpose.


Day R Premium MOD APK offers players a map system. This is like your inseparable item in a desolate environment like this. Everything was falling apart, and it was impossible to identify where it was. Through the map, players easily communicate with allies, find them easier. The game gives you access to all types and colors marked on the map with this premium version.


The gameplay of Day R Premium MOD APK is generally quite simple, so it is suitable for most audiences. Whether you are someone who has just been introduced by an acquaintance or has become a professional player in this role-playing genre can be weighed. The game allows you to choose from 3 different difficulty levels, from sandbox to real life and online.


P/S: MOD needs internet to work.(MOD cần internet để hoạt động.)



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