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Dark Lord MOD APK v0.1.12.11 Mod Unlimited Money

Dark Lord MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :92MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Welcome to the Dark Lord MOD APK mobile game, an engaging hybrid of a simulator, a strategy game, and an offline role-playing game featuring missions, card mechanisms, and an epic adventure. You are destined to rise to the position of the greatest Dark Lord of all time, ruling over the mightiest evil realm, and saving all the lowly night animals and servants!

Welcome to the Dark Lord MOD APK mobile game – an exciting mixture of simulator, strategy and offline RPG with quests and card mechanics and epic adventure.
You are doomed to become the greatest Dark Lord of all times, the mighty ruler of the strongest evil kingdom and the savior of all the humble servants and creatures of the night!

Congratulations on the awakening, Your Majesty!

You’ve been asleep for so long, but your loyal servants are here for you! Unfortunately, your great empire now lies in ruins, all the riches are stolen, majestic grim lands are covered with the annoyingly lush gardens, beautiful graves are turned into human villages… and even the Castle of the Sorrow is now called the Tower of Light… Unacceptable! But we swear to rebuild everything from scratches, gather the most powerful army and bring redemption to those filthy creatures with your wisdom and generous leadership. All hail the Dark Lord!


Your devoted servants are here for you even though you’ve been asleep for so long! Unfortunately, your magnificent kingdom is now in ruins; all of the treasures have been taken; the majestic, bleak fields have been filled with obnoxiously green gardens; and lovely tombs have been transformed into human settlements. even the Castle of Sorrow has changed its name to the Tower of Light… Unacceptable! But with your knowledge and kind guidance, we promise to start from scratch, raise the mightiest army, and deliver salvation to those filthy beasts. Salutations to the Dark Lord MOD APK.

It’s time to rule the planet since you are the Dark Lord! Fulfill evil objectives, vanquish the forces of light, and uphold your horrible rule. Mighty advisors will support you, but watch out for their deceit. Maintain equilibrium between the strength of your army, the effectiveness of your magic, the plenty of your treasury, and the terror you inspire.


You will get access to every single routine that is performed by kings and queens! You have nothing to worry about when it comes to treacherous assassins, poisoned dinners, tense talks, or difficult decisions. Everything is at your disposal. Do you prefer playing role-playing games offline or online? Give it a go today!


Great rulers dream big. As the most powerful Dark Lord MOD APK in the history of all time and space, you will undertake a wide variety of missions and achieve a variety of objectives. Some of them could have an impact on the tale, while others might have an impact on the entire kingdom!

You are the only one who can decide how to proceed! Employ calamitous magic, a formidable army, or the unadulterated strength of the dark side; speak with your advisors; incarcerate lords and heroes. It is up to you to bring the dark kingdom back from the wreckage it has fallen into!

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Every action has repercussions, and it is impossible to anticipate all of them. Should you support a witch who is trying to help people by using her magic? If you reveal your deepest, most guarded secrets, would the monsters of the night lend you their support? Is the lie baked into the cake? Plunge yourself into the magnificent adventure!

The game painters drew their ideas from some of the best dark fantasy RPG games and simulators available both offline and online, as well as from novels and movies.




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