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Crashlands APK v100.0.119 Apk Full Paid – Crashlands Free Download

Crashlands APK

Crashlands APK v100.0.119 Apk Full Paid – Crashlands Free Download, Crashlands APK, Crashlands APK Full, Crashlands APK Full Paid, Crashlands Full APK.

A completely new game with many fictional elements. A great combination of RPG and adventure games. Crashlands APK is a completely new game of Butterscotch Shenanigans. Here, you need to build, create and survive in the vast universe, on strange planets to overcome the fierce challenge. Let’s explore it!

About Crashlands


Crashlands’ plot revolves around the character Flux Dabes, a space transporter driver. It happened during delivery in space, he was stopped by an alien threat called Hewgodooko. The ship was blown up. Goods drop out and Flux is stuck on an alien planet named Woanope. During the recall of his goods, the galaxy driver accidentally discovered Hewgodooko’s attempt to dominate the universe.

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To prevent a dark conspiracy and save his own life, Flux must learn about life on this new planet Woanope. Also, seek help and examine ancient mysteries. Gathering strength, fighting the enemy to bring peace to the universe is the destiny of Flux Dabes. It will be very difficult but with his intelligence, everything can be done!

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Explore the vast universe

In Crashlands, you play as the character Flux Dabes who is trapped in a new planet. To survive, the only way you have to do is to adapt to your new life at Woanope, an unknown planet. With four races and three continents, you need to spend a lot of time to learn the stories here. You will meet many characters like Polari, Brubus, Tendraam. All creatures on this planet will be your powerful assistants in battles. In addition, you can search and incubate eggs to discover new creatures.

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After gradually stabilizing life on the new planet, you need to do many things. There are many mysterious items and they will be very useful. Find them on the way to explore the world and decipher their secrets. Since the amount of items is limitless, good management is needed to use them as needed.

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Fight with the enemy

Your enemies in Crashlands is Hewgodooko with a plot to dominate the whole galaxy. In the hands of many powerful and dangerous monsters, these will be unforeseen hazards for yourself and other creatures in the universe. So defeat them with strength and with more tricks. Each type of monster will have unique skills. To capture it, you need to learn in each of their attacks. Understanding the boss’s mechanics, you can easily overcome and defeat them.

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In the universe, there are many great sources of power. They are based on many different factors. So you need to understand how to use the items you collect. It could be armor, weapons or bombs. Burning enemies in the fire make them stunned and quickly dies. Besides, your pet is also a true warrior on the battlefield. These are the creatures you tamed on this planet. With strong fighting abilities and special powers, pets are invincible. They can assist you on the battlefield, protect you from damage or even kill enemies.

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The battles in Crashlands are very fierce. But when you know everything in your hand, you are the winner. Speaking to you, it is not easy to get that great power.


The graphics of Crashlands are extremely special. A diverse character system with cute creatures to hideous monsters. They are meticulously shaped and imbued with the nature of alien creatures. In addition, the gestures and the character’s emotions of anger or gratitude are also very lively. In particular, the skill effect is eye-catching with fire, thunder or earthquake effects. This makes the battles more intense and authentic.

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Download Crashlands APK for Android

With a completely new style of gameplay, Crashlands really brings a lot of excitement and unprecedented feelings. Experiencing life in outer space with countless difficult tasks and new things to explore. These features are only a small part of Crashlands’ vast world. Find out for yourself in your own way. The deeper you learn, the more “addicted” you will be. In addition, the game also allows you to play your own way by connecting to the gamepad.

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