cookie cats pop mod apk

Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK v1.66.1 Mod Unlimited Money


Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.66.1
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :100MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Balloons are what brings so much joy to the world of Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK. But it prevents the cats from getting where they need to be. To be able to solve that problem, you will become a professional bubble breaker. Get the cats out of those messes and bring them back to safety. A cat lover will do everything in their power to protect them. So make the journey more exotic than ever. Let the colors in this world heal your heart in the best way.

Shooting balls have been a genre that has existed for a long time with quite famous and attractive brands. In which the name Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK is what also received a lot of good reviews. Take players to a world full of cute cats. Besides, colorful bubbles are waiting for us to burst. All will create a journey that you have never noticed before. It deserves to be one of those things that should be evaluated objectively. Make people always turn to the positive as well as improve their agility.

Rescue cute cats

The cats are craving cookies and have to find their way to where it is. But the evil octopus discovered and trapped these friends in a bubble. Now you will have to rescue them and help the cats move on. We will use a powerful cat as a cannon and shoot bubbles. It would help if you aimed adequately and put them in with bubbles of the same color to break. Just like that, you must rescue all the trapped cats, and you will win. Note that the number of bubbles is limited, so use it wisely and be sure. Avoid losing while running out of consumed bubbles.

Play your way

The cats have a meaningful journey through the crowded and novel neighborhood. Each of their steps corresponds to a level stretched far into the future. Create a series of hundreds of challenges that gradually increase in difficulty. You will get used to the most specific things and progressively develop as it becomes complex. We will have to judge things for ourselves by looking at the bubbles. Adjust the firing direction reasonably and fire to break the most bubbles. Try to raise your score to get up to three stars. This will help you have a flawless victory and grow your achievements.

Challenge your friends

Are your friends also active in Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK? Then don’t be afraid to challenge them publicly with your score. This score will be totaled according to the levels you have completed before. So that means that the more levels of three-star rating, the better. Moreover, it would be best if you also reached more levels to increase the score. Just by doing these factors well, we can be successful. Increasingly, his position on the rankings is higher and even to the top of the game. Show everyone you have the upper hand on these puzzle games.

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Cute kittens

Of course, a game with a cat theme will have to have a variety of cute cats in it. However, you may notice that each cat has a unique identity and personality. They can also sing you happy and cheerful music. Make the gameplay like opening with cute things in Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK.




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