click chronicles 2 mod apk

Click Chronicles 2 MOD APK v2.1.5 Mod Unlimited Money

Click Chronicles 2 MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.1.5
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :96MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Click Chronicles 2 MOD APK – the gods left their wards to their fate, now protect heroes, only you. Help abandoned in the desert the characters to survive, fight enemies and consider the tactics and strategy of behavior, meet allies, make friends and bind alliances to confront the dark forces. Make weapons and use resources for survival, develop a science and a profession to build entire cities and to develop a powerful civilization in the wilderness..

Click Chronicles 2 MOD APK – the game is a fantasy idle RPG / clicker where a squad of heroes fights various monsters. According to the story, the goddess left these lands to their own devices and now demons are raging in this territory. The only hope is for the main character and his friends, whom he will meet in the course of his travels. Defeat evil by passing levels and earning game currency, and the heroes can kill their enemies themselves, but they can be helped by actively clicking on the screen. Create your own battle strategies, improving and pumping your fighters. Each of them has special skills and it depends on you in what order they will attack the demons to inflict maximum damage and win. Also, tame the helper animals, because the stronger the team, the easier it is to cope with new challenges. Many levels with different opponents and locations will not let you get bored for a moment, as soon as you install the game on your Android. Go through the whole world, leaving behind cleared territories from monsters and show the foes that this is your land, so that no demon dares to take it without your permission. Snatch victory with your sword and fangs, protecting your native land.

Click Chronicles 2 MOD APK game. The players should defeat monsters one by one to level up. They can hire heroes to battle with them. They can also hatch demon eggs, summon the Guardian Beasts and collect star shards to build constellations. Also, a rich storyline goes through the whole game.


In the very beginning, the Goddess of Creation brought each and every creature into beings through her Love. Conflicts between her creations gave rise to anger, hatred, jealousy, and fear. War and death ravaged the land until the Goddess sealed the negative energies into her Scepter and placed the Scepter on the top of Mount Azak. As time passed by, the negative energy turned into the Demon and escaped from the Scepter. A plague of evil swept the mainland, twisted and slaughtered the innocent people.

You must start an adventure to defeat all the monsters and kill the Demon finally to get your homeland back! Join the Brave now!

The warriors’ battle is more attractive than ever around characters, and each character has unique skills. Click Chronicles 2 MOD APK gives players moments of breathtaking suspense, thrilling battles; the characters with skillful gameplay blow up, making the battle never so harsh. Let’s see how this game will bring you emotions. All appeared in Click Chronicles 2 MOD APK!


A series of contiguous levels are specifically journeyed by a map connected by coherent links. The levels are connected through a game or event circuit. Events are distributed throughout the map, and all you need to do is pass them to receive the corresponding gifts. The game map is limited, but it will be expanded for players to explore and challenge themselves when the event takes place. There are also gates with significant challenges to create conditions for players in the journey to conquer. You receive great gifts; these big stages are the end of part of the map. So try to complete the level to maximize your fighting ability and receive many attractive gifts.


Unlike other fighting games, this game has a new way of fighting; the characters will fight. To win easily, you must have the right strategy, defeat the opponent, gather many items to support the battle process, and upgrade your character. There will be different opponents through each level, and the difficulty will increase gradually. Against each other, there is only one winner, so you need to focus all your efforts to defeat the opponent and become the master of the game.


When you first start playing the game, choosing a champion is very important; it contributes to your survival; whether you can win or not depends on the champion you choose. Each champion has unique skills and gameplay. There needs to be the right strategy, careful observation, wise choice, a diverse number of characters, and you are free to choose the right champion for you.

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  1. Many exciting events, build your party; learn and discover other heroes, and get rewarded with attractive gifts
  2. Exchange and connect with friends around the world to fight, exchange, help each other and explore the world
  3. Simple interface, easy to play, beautiful graphic design, and optimized are two primary keys to providing a great playing experience.
  4. Large map with a diverse number of characters, players can explore a variety of scenes in detail and clarity
  5. The game gives you the most realistic experience possible but does not require too much in terms of machine configuration and does not take up much computer traffic.




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