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Citytopia MOD APK v8.0.19 Mod Unlimited Money

Citytopia MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :8.0.19
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :186MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Introduce about Citytopia

Citytopia MOD APK, a city-building simulation game is a next product released by Atari. Join Citytopia MOD APK, you will play the role of a talented engineer. Plan the city, design and build it to turn this place into one of the most livable places.

Build your city

In order for Utopia to become a wonderful and livable city, construction is essential.

Map out a detailed plan and start building from small houses to crowded residential areas. Add the commercial center areas interspersed with beautiful parks to make the city become bustling. An indispensable city for industrial zones. Spend a large void, away from the residential area to build them!

Any building will help the city grow more, attract more citizens and help grow the economy.

Unlock new lands

Your buildings are profitable every time. You can use that money to continue expanding your city. Unlock more neighborhoods, buy more land and materials to build more unique buildings. Turn from a small town into an impressive thriving metropolis.

In particular, there are many cities for players to unleash their creativity and build to their liking. When helping a city grow to a level, you will be unlocked and continue to adventure to new cities.

Each city in Citytopia MOD APK has unique buildings. This will not make you feel boring every time you start a new journey.

Make your residents feel happy

Residents play a major role in city development. Besides building, you need to take care of the lives of citizens and help them be satisfied with it.

There are many factors that affect quality. You need to find out their needs. After that, proceed to build stores, residential areas and factories accordingly.

Always ensure your citizens live happily and maintain the green – clean – beautiful level of the city. If managed well, you will be rewarded with money and experience points. As a result, you can upgrade the city to a higher level, with more customization and utilities.

The card collection

What I like most when playing Citytopia MOD APK is opening the card packs. They are free, you just need to log in to the game daily to receive.

These cards open up new buildings and vehicles. Sometimes, you also get decorations and dozens of other unique items. Some special types of cards can be upgraded for infrastructure or city.

If you’re lucky enough to own rare cards, they can bring skyscrapers or factories that don’t pollute the environment.


There are two main currencies used in Citytopia MOD APK: coins and dollars.

Gold coins are easier to earn. It is commonly used, from the purchase of construction materials to unlocking new buildings. Meanwhile, the dollar is the high-end currency. Mostly, you will receive them through events or lucky rewards. However, the number you receive is not much.

You can use dollars to buy unique buildings or beautiful decorative items.

This innovative city-building game allows you to create the city of your dreams from the ground up! However, there is a catch: you will be responsible for all of the residents’ requirements, making you the brain behind it all! Citytopia MOD APK has stunning 3D graphics that make this city builder game feel like a mini-reality world squeezed into your mobile device. It’s extremely cool because you don’t only have to develop and construct, but you also have to think about each facility that your people might require. You’ll need to make sure they have a location to work, as well as convenience stores and places to have fun!

You can construct everything from residential to industrial to commercial structures and modify them with unique decorations (and attractions!) to create it a city that you’d like to live in yourself! In Citytopia MOD APK, you can also gather and open packs of cards, which will allow you to build rare and epic buildings ranging from skyscrapers to massive retail malls – pretty much whatever you can think of. Not to mention the in-game “quests” that, once completed, will allow you to unlock new vehicles and attractions!

Don’t worry if all of these mechanics have made you feel like you’re going insane! The game is comparable to most mobile city-building games, the most known example being the years-old SimCity Build It. Despite the fact that the games share themes and mechanics, they are distinct enough to be called distinct. And Atari’s Citytopia MOD APK has a strong novelty element, which is usually a plus.

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  1. Acquire and personalize a wide variety of buildings, vehicles, and other objects.
  2. Upgrade your homes to make more 💲
  3. Make your city more appealing by adding parks and other monuments.
  4. Bring in additional residents and make sure they’re content.
  5. Your transportation system will benefit from the addition of trucks and buses to your fleet.
  6. Acquire rare and spectacular cards such as soaring buildings and cutting-edge stadiums while playing the game.
  7. Completing the ever-changing tasks is a must.
  8. Play is completely free, and players receive free card packs on a daily basis.




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