chikis chase mod apk

Chiki’s Chase MOD APK v1.4.2 Mod Unlocked All Characters

Chiki’s Chase MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.4.2
Mod Info :Unlocked All Characters
Size :38MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Chiki’s Chase MOD APK – a colorful arcade game for Android phones and tablets. In this game, users will get acquainted with a brave bird named Chiki, who one day decides to travel the world. However, she could not imagine what difficult trials would await her on the way… This project is based on the principle of old classic arcade games, featuring attractive pixel graphics and dynamic background music.

We invite you to join the adventures of a very curious bird named Chiki. One day she decides to go on a trip around the world to see the world and gain new impressions. However, she could not even imagine that this hiking trip would be full of such difficulties: on her way there will be magical traps, strange portals, as well as dangerous monsters that will constantly block her way. You can only respond to emerging difficulties in a timely manner and try to overcome them successfully. During the game you will be able to unlock two dozen different improvements with special characteristics, as well as discover new interesting characters.

Chiki’s Chase MOD APK is a high-speed, tricky action platformer. As Chiki and friends, you’ll dash through beautiful lands filled with strange monsters, explosions, and magical portals. How far can you go?

Chiki’s Chase MOD APK is an entertaining game from the dvdfu studio. Here is a classic platformer that has many features. You play as different animals and always run in the same direction. The character moves automatically and you need to jump and shoot in order not to fall into the abyss and destroy all enemies. Do not forget to also visit the shop of merchants and purchase various artifacts there. As the game progresses, the main character will be able to open new characters, purchase skins for them and gather a collection of all artifacts. The gameplay consists of levels, but in general it is endless. If you spend all your lives, you will have to start the location all over again.

Immerse yourself in addictive gameplay

The gameplay introduces you to a true classic of arcade platformers. Here you have to go through a long campaign, represented by a sequence of relatively small levels. The stages themselves involve passing through various traps, fighting enemies, interacting with mechanisms, solving simple puzzles and much more.

Each of your actions related to the destruction of the enemy, the collection of various bonuses, and so on increases the total number of points in the statistics. Also, don’t forget to collect the money scattered around the locations. You can go through the campaign an infinite number of times, improving your results.

Fight a variety of enemies

Most of the traps here require you to perform jumps, dashes and somersaults. The hero’s abilities in Chiki’s Chase MOD APK help him deftly avoid various spikes, moving platforms, and clusters of enemies. The interesting thing is that it is not necessary to destroy enemies here. However, this will steadily increase the number of points earned.

Here you can meet a variety of opponents. To destroy them, you need to shoot at enemies by tapping on the right side of the screen. For some you can just jump on them and crush them like in Mario – this is a tap on the left side of the display. In general, there is no universal recipe for destruction. Sometimes it is better to completely jump over the enemy and move on.

Buy Artifacts

Between the levels of Chiki’s Chase MOD APK, you can visit four different shops and buy something useful to facilitate the gameplay. Each vendor sells their own merchandise: a wolf barista serves coffee, a peacock does magic, a pig farms, a squirrel sells capsules of random items.

They react nicely if you just come in to “look.” Artifacts increase the amount of vital energy. For example, allow you to hang in the air for a longer time. You can also increase the power of your attack and much more. All upgrades require money, which you can obtain by collecting coins in the levels.

Graphics and sound

The whole game is cute: different locations are painted with bright colors that are pleasing to the eye. Vendors look very nice, while characters themselves are nice enough. Monsters are not too scary either. In general, what you need is to relax.

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• Action-packed, mobile-first 2-button play
• Over 25 powerful upgrades to wield
• Unlockable characters with unique fighting styles
• Delightful cast of shopkeepers
• Charming pixel art
• Rockin’ soundtrack
• Endless, randomized levels filled with traps & surprises




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