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Charlie in Underworld APK v1.0.4 Apk Full Paid

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Charlie in Underworld APK is a graphic novel with text-based narration in the form of a messenger dialogue, a non-linear story and rarely seen animated intros. The developers from Buff Studio also thought out the plot. The events will unfold in a fictional universe where reality will collide with the magical unknown. How to respond to what is happening is up to everyone to decide. Run and try to hide from the shadows that appear every night before going to sleep? Touch the secrets and push the curtain that hides all the secrets of the other world? Play Underworld Office to understand the plot.

Accidentally lost memory, players need help in the game to find clues, retrieve their lost memories, and explore the hidden secrets behind them. The dark elements of the game screen, find all the clues as much as possible, the game storyline is rich and deep, unlock the hidden ending behind.

Web novel is already waiting for you

Charlie in Underworld APK is a very original casual and quest-style game in which users can travel to the otherworldly afterlife and join the ranks of a mysterious organization under the guise of a new employee. According to the plot, everyone who enters this world is deprived of common sense and no longer thinks like living people, but not the main character, who just woke up in the gateway of this gloomy universe.

He immediately realized that he had ended up in a strange and mysterious place. Now you have to act in tandem with this character and work for a strange corporation. It is just transporting the living into this world, and people do not always die while doing it. Sometimes they are simply kidnapped under strange circumstances.

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Multiple endings based on your choice

Start an amazing adventure and Charlie in Underworld APK that will capture you completely from the first minutes. Try to get to know the amazing characters that your new “colleagues” in the office will be and try to understand their occupation and logic of thinking. Carefully choose your words and actions. See how everything works here and move on to different places in the full version.

Several endings allow the user to try to enjoy the passage of the entire adventure many times and find out what different actions will lead to at crucial stages. Go through various additional tasks and participate in the main operations. Try to blackmail and even intimidate the office staff. Apply different items, use special skills of the main character, negotiate and bribe. Unravel the whole scheme of the scary community and find a way to get back.


– A gruesome but moving story
– An simple and easy game you can play just by tapping on a choice
– A light novel style mystery text adventure game
– A game that will heal your heart as you immerse yourself in the story
– Presents a unique world view just like Undertale does
– Unique, chat-based indie game
– Spunky characters and a fun cast of supporting characters
– Lots of endings to collect, achievements to unlock so you can play multiple times

Even more!

-Enjoy this visual novel story game with featuring ghosts
-From cute to crabby, meet unique ghost characters
-Solve the ghosts’ mysterious puzzles hidden in their unknown stories.
-This is a choice-based choose your own adventure game that unfolds based on the choices you make.
-There are more stories to be told. We’ll bring you more visual novels, adventure games, and story games.
-Try 7days, also from Buff Studios. Instead of novel-based reading game like Seoul 2033, this game is just like chatting on a messenger app!




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