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Casting Away MOD APK v0.0.44 Mod Unlimited Money

Casting Away MOD APK

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You are a successful movie star, on a private jet flying to a vacation destination. Suddenly, the jet was struck by lightning.
You crash-landed onto an uninhabited island that isn’t even on the map.
You wake up on a beach alone.
You find a bizarre altar, strange gems from dead fish, and feel a strange aura spread across the whole island…
Is this really an ordinary deserted island?
Start fishing to survive on a lonely, desolate island.

Casting Away MOD APK is an exciting game about the survival genre that many players love because its graphics are carefully invested and eye-catching. You will not be able to find another game that brings such a very light feeling. Survive but also discover mysteries on a small island, where you are stuck after a rare and unnecessary accident.


You play a famous movie star guy who is on a flight to his resort. Everything was going as normal as he was reading the newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee in a relaxed manner. At this point, the outside of the window suddenly turned gray, and the plane might have entered an area with bad weather. Even more frightening is that lightning also began to appear and hit the plane, causing it to be damaged and fall into the sea.

After that terrible accident, there is no one left alive, but you and you begin to drift on a small island in the middle of the vast ocean. Thinking that he would not be able to overcome it, but because of his strong will to live, he still decided to find a way to survive here. A new journey with many new things is waiting for you, and let’s help our guy survive safely.

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He has to get used to everything in order to survive, and it’s not easy at all. There will not be any food available other than you have to find your own food source. Since you are in the middle of a vast ocean, it will be easy to build a small raft with a fishing rod to go fishing for the fish out there. Sometimes, some kind of animal drifts ashore like a pig or a dog.

After you can arrange everything to settle down, you will begin to use the animals you have to create a farm. This will help you have more loot, such as meat, milk, or even their feathers, to make clothes. But a remarkable thing here is that there is an altar with mysterious gems in the middle of the island, and you are still discovering its mystery. Will there be some bizarre things about to happen to you?

You will not be able to ignore Casting Away MOD APK if you are a follower of the survival genre and especially must have beautiful graphics. This will also be a game for you to relax with the gentle sound of the waves and bring you to peace.


  1. Start the game with an exciting story about how you will crash your plane and drift back to an island.
  2. Your job in the game will be, by all means, trying to survive on the deserted island.
  3. What you need to do to maintain your life on a deserted island is fishing for food.
  4. Further develop your life on the deserted island with many different survival activities.
  5. Beautiful graphics combined with melodious sound melodies will help you have moments of entertainment.



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