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Case Hunter MOD APK v1.7.8 Mod Unlimited Money

Case Hunter MOD APK

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A succession of detective cases to make the city was plunged into chaos…
Under the glamorous surface, the city hiding all kinds of evil.
In order to help people restore the peace life, as a great detective you are obliged to do it!
Find out the truth, find the hidden clues, it’s time to show your true wisdom!

Case Hunter MOD APK is a highly-interactive game of investigation, A chic art style with hidden details to bring you the ultimate object-finding gameplay experience. Find the hidden items, use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies! If you love brain games, mind games, or some interesting detective games, maybe it’s a great challenges for you!

Case Hunter MOD APK introduces everyone to casual gameplay but is filled with detective drama elements to make everyone stand out and solve all the secrets. Besides, many special situations or interactions will open up new potentials and excite people when solving puzzles. Further content will also open up based on player progress, and at the same time, increase the difficulty to the highest level for everyone to be more flexible or creative when decoding.



All puzzles appearing in Case Hunter MOD APK are full of detectives, and players must rely on many environmental factors to find results. The development of each puzzle is simple, but the hiding of objects makes things more complicated, and it must rely on the player’s ability to speak when interacting with the character. They can conclude through many questionable details, take all the consequences of individual decisions, and even watch plays of outcomes.

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Besides the intricate puzzle structures, their environments are rich in interactivity for players to delve into cases or gather more evidence. Depending on the difficulty type of the challenge that the player chooses, they can directly move some objects in the environment, searching for buried items. Some challenges will even have more surprises while making the most of the realistic interactive element to open up new entertainment possibilities for players.


The variety of difficulty levels in the level is also a good opening for players in Case Hunter MOD APK, where everything has its unique charm. The funny thing is that their difficulty changes many details from finding items to finding the culprit after many important sequences of activities of the main levels in the gameplay. Everything will also be varied and greatly expanded so that players always have plenty of entertainment as they continuously discover the wonders within each challenge.


The best thing in the game is the argument and finding evidence in words to accuse the suspect or the culprit that the player caught. The debate system is deep and rich and has absolute friendliness so that everyone can easily grasp the basic elements of the argument. People also have to pay attention to essential words or critical points of the case, making every debate more engaging and refreshing when defeating the perpetrator with words.


Besides elements related to cases or puzzle challenges, Case Hunter MOD APK will introduce a simple idle hotel with lots of humor. It also adopts idle mechanics to automate almost every process and continuously generates revenue to give players more shopping options or upgrade entire hotels. Based on everyone’s progress, they can feel free to personalize the hotel to create an excellent environment for all residents or many other unique characters.

Case Hunter MOD APK is a complex combination of many elements within its gameplay while making many significant changes so that everyone has the best experience over time. Besides, all content focuses on relaxation and light entertainment, so players can comfortably create a prosperous life.


  1. An enjoyable puzzle gameplay while solving mysteries throughout the murder cases filled with extreme humorous elements.
  2. Interactive environments stimulate players’ senses to solve cases or find hidden items under other debris or objects.
  3. Debate with the suspicious or culprit to find out their motive or critical points, which greatly help solve the mysteries or cases.
  4. Various challenge levels with intriguing designs and difficult to immerse players in exotic detective experiences.
  5. A built-in idle hotel manager to heighten the fun and create passive revenue to buy or upgrade everything with the highest quality.
  6. Chic art style and superb bgm sound effects bring immersive game experience!
  7. Challenge levels: normal case, murder case and more.
  8. Multiple game part: Crime scene investigation, manage hotel, collect…,We have all challenges you like!
  9. Find hidden objects, clue analysis, guessing reasoning, and case-closing!
  10. idle hotel.





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