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Card Survival: Tropical Island APK v1.01h Apk Full Paid

Card Survival: Tropical Island APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.01h
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :83MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Card Survival: Tropical Island APK– card mechanics simulator of survival on a desert island. Traditionally, events develop in tropical latitudes, so at the start you don’t have to worry about primary food options and weather conditions. But do not assume that it will last long. Cold nights and other factors will very soon cease to exist in a real battle for warmth and food. There are also animals on the island. Herbivores and predators. We’ll have to find a way to get along with them. Otherwise, sharp fangs will be added to the risks of dying from poisoning. This and much more saturates the gameplay. In which you should not do rash things.

Card Survival: Tropical Island APK is a card-based survival experience. Stranded on a desert island you must use your wits and skills to stay alive. Use cards and combine them together to explore, gather resources and craft useful tools.

There is a card game called Card Survival: Tropical Island APK. The creators of Card Quest are responsible for making this as well. Imagine yourself marooned on a desert island through the medium of playing cards. Surviving in this harsh environment requires intrepid explorers, skilled toolmakers, and meticulous planners.

In a profoundly straightforward manner, all communication and interaction occur through cards and card-based structures. Extensive Material: Transform yourself from a famished, ragged castaway into a prosperous island farmer. The simulation is so lifelike that it considers details such as your actual weight, the thickness of your skin, and even the texture of your feces.

Discover a large island that is home to eight distinct ecosystems, including beaches, jungles, grasslands, and mangroves. Discover how to coexist with the native flora and fauna of the islands, including how to hunt, avoid being hunted, and tame and breed various species. Find out which plants are native to the island and how you may utilize them in your kitchen and as a medication.

Construct items like furniture, armor, footwear, and food storage from raw materials like wood, stone, copper, fiber, leather, and clay. Use wood and mud to construct a home, stables for your animals, gardens, and a water storage system. It’s possible to bake your bread, produce your olive oil, cheese, sugar, and wine, and even smoke and salt your meat.

There are aches and pains in the feet and hands, the back, sunburn, and even bug stings. Create armor and employ medicinal plants to combat these issues. Sprains, breaks, scrapes, cuts that bleed, and animal attacks are various ways a person can be injured. Get clean and treat your cuts so they don’t get infected and can heal more quickly. The island’s bacteria and parasites can give you stomach pain, throw you into a fever, make you sick, and give you a rash. A healthy immune system begins with a healthy mind and body, so remember to retain a positive outlook and eat well.

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  1. Simple but deep system: all interactions are done by using cards or combining them together.
  2. Tons of Content: Go from a starving castaway in rags to a prosperous island farmer.
  3. Realistic Simulation: Tracking everything from body weight to calluses on hands and feet and even your stool consistency.
  4. Learn to coexist with the many different animals of the islands, be predator and prey and even learn to domesticate and breed them.
  5. Learn of the different culinary and medicinal uses of the diverse flora of the island and discover the secrets of how to grow it.
  6. Work wood, stone, copper, fiber, leather and clay to craft yourself lots of different tools, weapons, clothes and containers




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