car driver 2 mod apk

Car Driver 2 MOD APK v6 Mod Unlocked All

Car Driver 2 MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :6
Mod Info :Unlocked
Size :84MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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“Car Driver 2 MOD APK” is a simulation game based on car parking. Players need to safely park the car in the designated parking space in a variety of different challenges and scenarios. The game has three different game modes including Practice, Challenge and Time Trial. Players can get higher scores and more rewards by completing challenges and unlocking new levels.

In the game, players need to use the steering wheel and various functions of the car to control the accelerator, brakes, etc. to complete the task. Players need to pay attention to avoid collisions with other vehicles, obstacles, etc., and complete the parking task within the specified time. Players need to gradually learn parking skills of different difficulty levels, from simple straight-line parking to complex reverse parking.

There are a variety of cars to choose from in the game, including sedans, off-road vehicles, sports cars, and more. Each vehicle has different driving characteristics and handling feel, and players can choose according to their preferences.

“Car Driver 2 MOD APK” game graphics are very beautiful, the scene details and car models are very realistic. The sound effects of the game are also very realistic, allowing players to obtain a more realistic driving experience.

Car Driver 2 MOD APK is a driving game where you’ve got to climb into the driver’s seat in different cars with the aim of parking each vehicle. And the way you do it is so realistic that you’ll find entertainment in every match you play.

The controls in Car Driver 2 MOD APK are quite simple – just tap the different keys that appear onscreen: You speed up or slow down with the pedals on the right side of the screen, and you also have a wheel for steering.

During the first levels it won’t be too tricky to park each car. Nonetheless, as you beat levels it gets harder and harder to get past all the obstacles until you can leave each car parked.

With Car Driver 2 MOD APK you’ll have a grand time concentrating hard on your Android device. You just have to manage the movements of each vehicle to stay within the traffic limits and square up every car within its parking space.

Extremely an addictive game with ultra challenge levels. You should dominate your nerves!

The second game of the best parking simulation series, “Car Driver”.

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Game properties:

* Realistic vehicle physics
* 200 unique levels
* Hardened levels
* Right & left steering wheel options
* High sensitive controls
* Vehicle customization options
* High detailed graphics




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