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Boxing Gym Story MOD APK v1.2.7 Mod Unlimited Money

Boxing Gym Story MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.2.7
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :40MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Boxing Gym Story MOD APK is a simulation game loved by many players from publisher Kairosoft. If being a boxer is difficult, then it is undoubtedly more challenging to become the owner of a boxing room. Because you need to have extremely good technique to be able to take on the role of coach for your students, build a colossal gym, and train boxers to help them win matches.

Boxing Gym Story MOD APK – a sports project in which gamers will become managers promoting novice boxers to the professional ring. A huge number of factors will affect the victory and development. So the players will have to study the issue very well, so that their candidates perform very well in the battles. Success and victories will allow you not only to go to another level, but also to develop your gym. Adding a lot of useful objects to it, as well as hiring specialists to help improve performance. Kairosoft’s proprietary graphics, a wide variety of features, and the unpredictability of events ensure a great experience.

This is a great sports game where you have to manage and develop your own boxing arena and gather a whole team of athletes to become the best club in the world. To do this, you will need to pass a lot of tests, train a lot and think carefully about each step!

As in many games of this genre, you will have to start from the very bottom of the world ranking. Study each fighter well before you accept them into your team, as each of them has its own characteristics. Some have a very high impact force, others are perfectly able to break through the enemy’s defense, or vice versa, they hold the blow well. Spend more often training, friendly matches, and gradually increase the skill of your team.

The fights themselves are automatic, but the outcome of the battle is unknown to you in advance. Try to follow the match carefully, and note your weaknesses and strengths, so that you can then correct it. You also need to equip your own gym so that boxers can comfortably practice and relax there. In general, you will have to control dozens of aspects if you want to lead your team to leadership!


You may already know that boxing is a sport that is also quite popular recently because it helps people practice self-defense and improves their fitness and strength. But not everyone can experience it because this is a complex subject, and the risk is relatively high if you are not skilled. It requires athletes to have a healthy physique and especially to practice hard every day. And any subject needs a coach or leader to gain more experience. You will be the one who takes on the role of a manager and coach to help boxers find their passion.

When you first enter Boxing Gym Story MOD APK, you will be working as a manager at a rather small boxing gym. At this point, you will start to recruit students who are passionate about boxing from all over the world to come to your gym. This will be a challenging time because you will have to develop the fighters’ best and most effective methods. Follow their every step to help them become more and more proficient. Once you feel your fighters are qualified, you can bring them to the ring and participate in the big tournaments to bring home your prize money. In addition, you should also focus on upgrading your gym to be more modern to meet the needs of students.

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As a coach, your mission is critical because you will be the companion and guide your students on the journey to the top. You will manage everything and set them up with a training regimen and methods to suit each body. Now victory or defeat is all in your hands and for you to decide.

Each boxer will have completely different body measurements such as HP, skills, punches, stamina, or attack ability. At first, each person will have meager stats, so this will be your time to support and help them increase their stats as desired. Just be strict and motivate them to practice harder; the possibility of becoming top boxers is very high.

Do not hesitate to come to Boxing Gym Story MOD APK to become a professional trainer with your talented students. They will be the tools to help you make a lot of money from the tournament, and you will be the one to stand out to fulfill their dreams to glory. This will definitely be a completely new experience of an exciting job that you cannot miss.




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