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BLOCKAPOLYPSE: Zombie Shooter Version 1.17 Mod Unlimited Money

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ is a horror game where players will face different types of zombies while searching for the source of this plague. You will find many different locations, and they all have zombies waiting for you. So you will find a way to overcome them and collect enough maps to complete the level.

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™: Zombie Shooter


When you start BLOCKAPOLYPSE™, you will see many characters appear inside the plane, and the atmosphere is entirely peaceful. Suddenly, one wing of the plane was on fire, and a scary zombie appeared in front of the main character’s eyes. You probably also guessed the dire consequences that could happen. After all, the passengers on the plane are almost dead, and things get worse when bloodthirsty zombies gradually appear before your eyes.

It is a zombies island where the dead can turn into zombies that act on instinct and command. At the same time, a mad scientist caused this phenomenon thanks to a virus he invented. The survivors will be brought to him, and he will turn them into zombies. Therefore, the main character will need to try to survive and find the location of this mad scientist to destroy him and prevent the plague from continuing.

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™: Zombie Shooter


Once you’ve interacted with the only survivor in BLOCKAPOLYPSE™, you’ll begin your journey against hordes of monsters and search for map shards scattered everywhere. You only need to collect a required amount; the position of the scientist’s name will be revealed. But the journey is not easy for you when there are many types of zombies with different powers and weapons ready to attack you at any time. The interesting point is that you will receive a car to move around the city.

Moving in a high-speed vehicle helps you reach areas in the game completely quickly, and the zombies that see you will be challenging to catch. At the same time, if they appear in your path, they will be attacked and killed by the vehicle immediately. In addition, you can also find different light columns for you to access the locations. You won’t know how many zombies are waiting for you ahead.

After you know what you need to do in this game, you will go to your safe house. Here, you will be able to do whatever you want safely, and this is also where you raise dogs to help support you in your battle with zombies.

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™: Zombie Shooter


The first weapon you use in BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ is the pipe, and it will take many hits to take down the enemies you see. Each time you kill a zombie, you will receive gold coins, and it will continue to increase as you go through many different locations. At the same time, you will also be impressed with the number of weapons that you can unlock, so making money is an absolute necessity. So, choose ways to earn fast money and complete the level.

Survival among zombies attracts players with the following elements:

  • You will overcome a plane crash caused by zombies and become the only survivor to find the scientist who caused the zombies epidemic.
  • The environment in the game is diverse, with different locations where you can find many dangerous enemies to destroy.
  • The level’s goal requires you to explore many places and find many maps that appear anywhere.
  • The game also provides a house, vehicles, companions to support you in the problematic survival process.
  • A variety of weapons with different damage that you can unlock as you earn money through killing zombies.




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