bit Dungeon III apk

bit Dungeon III APK v1.89 Apk Full Paid

bit Dungeon III APK

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bit Dungeon III APK is a adventure action game with elements of roguelike. The game features a randomly generated world and dungeons. Take allies other players or kill them for their precious inventory items. Discover random items that significantly improve your abilities. Save the world that cannot be saved.

This is a pixel style action adventure game. Randomly generated worlds and dungeons. Create allies with other players or kill them for their precious collections. Discover random items that can greatly enhance and affect your character. save the world.

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The game adopts a flat design, God’s perspective, and the operation is quite simple. It is easy to get started. The rich and varied props in the game make the game very interesting. The randomly generated dungeon world is for players to explore. If you feel bored when you play, you can still play with your friends.


The action-adventure game called bit Dungeon III APK is attracting a large number of gamers to participate thanks to its attractive gameplay and beautiful interface. With this game, you only control a single character, and he will only have one soul. However, the number of souls can increase when you kill bosses, and of course, when it decreases, it means you will die. The game gives you many different levels. You will have to prepare yourself to confront aggressive bosses with great power in each mission Yo.

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bit Dungeon III APK


Thanks to the variety of missions in this game, you also get to do quests in many different spaces. This world will take you to many randomly generated spaces, and especially, you have to explore a series of dungeons to find the secret. Of course, in the course of that adventure, you will probably collect various unique items that can assist the player in developing his strength.


It’s great that you have many choices in getting weapons to destroy enemies when participating in the bit Dungeon III APK. Each weapon will give you different powers and privileges; their attack power is also not the same. Players can also level up thanks to the number of weapons they own or the elite selection of the most powerful weapons.

Features for bit Dungeon III APK:

  1. Permadeath. You get one soul and only one chance to get her back when you die. Killing bosses gives the soul.
  2. Randomly generated underworld dungeons, secrets, items, and NPC humanoid
  3. Online game with the crystal invasion using Steam Network, co-op and PvP.
  4. Stargates and kill other players to get their unequipped inventory items and soul.
  5. Play as a random character if you don’t want anyone accidentally invaded or entered into it, unless you don’t use the friends list.
  6. Each type of weapon has a unique attack power and scaling characteristics.
  7. level up depending on what weapon you use. Change the weapon to begin to raise the level of this type of weapon in the direction of your overall.
  8. Powerful spell weapons drop from bosses.
  9. Improve your character with configurable stalowych runes collected throughout your adventure.
  10. the Boss and quest-related weapons.
  11. a Giant complex of underground bosses.
  12. Original soundtrack from Houzatosis & by stress_tn.
  13. controller Support.



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