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Bear’s Restaurant MOD APK v2.0.1 Mod Premium Unlocked

Bear’s Restaurant MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.0.1
Mod Info :Premium Unlocked
Size :51MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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An action role-playing game with a cooking theme will definitely be an exciting experience for you. Players will be serving mysterious guests while upgrading their restaurants through different stages. Your task is to fulfill the attractive requirements of the game and play the role of a super chef in animal form.

Bear’s Restaurant MOD APK will lead you to unique stories and meet the brown bear and other lovely characters. This character is the manager of a quite famous restaurant designed with a cozy kitchen and serving special dishes. However, the interesting point is that this is not just a typical restaurant, but it is a place to welcome deceased people or even animals. Here people will come to wait for the train to hell or maybe to heaven. You will have to give them the most delicious food before disappearing from this world and accompanying her adorable cat friend.
You can freely transform one of the two characters in this game at will. However, no matter what shape you are in, you still need to promote your ability to be able to serve the guests most thoughtfully. In addition, your task is to wait for the guests who are about to visit the restaurant next to the fateful train and follow their orders to bring out new dishes. The game will give you exciting recipes to make hamburgers, omelets, sushi, pudding, and more.

Bear’s Restaurant MOD APK will bring you mysterious surprises in the process of preparing dishes. Customers will ask you to serve dishes they used to enjoy while alive so you need to go back in time to immerse in their memories to find the right dish. In addition, chefs can also learn more about their thoughts by chatting with the guests. However, this train will appear in two different stations to lead to heaven or hell. Be careful with the visitors to the underworld because they are pretty dangerous and violent.

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  1. Enjoy a unique and completely new storyline that is only available in this game; players will be led to the animal world and also inhabited by brown bears and other friends
  2. The action role-playing game with the theme of cooking promises to bring you the most new experiences, you will be role-playing one of the two main characters and start the mission at the restaurant
  3. Your diner serves dead people and animals so this will be their last stop, besides you’ll need to find out what dishes they ordered by participating in the sign. their memory
  4. Prepare special dishes such as Hamburger, omelet, sushi, pudding and more to serve customers the most attentively but you need to chat to get to know them better and come up with delicious dishes
  5. Players will meet special guests and explore two different stations, the guests will either go to hell or go to heaven depending on their personality, and you are free to explore



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