basketball club story mod apk

Basketball Club Story MOD APK v1.3.6 Mod Unlimited Money

Basketball Club Story MOD APK

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This is a full-fledged competitive mobile game that simulates a basketball game. The game combines a variety of elements such as battle, management, simulation, competition, and battle, and a variety of alliance card waiting for you to experience.

Create your own basketball club, sign up with potential new players, add a strong player to your team, and participate in various leagues. Not only can you train players through actual combat, but you can also win league titles and gain both fame and fortune. The strongest basketball club!

Basketball Club Story MOD APK is a sports game with ideas from basketball. The birth of the game has opened up a world with many exciting things for the followers of this sport that is entertaining and creates practical physical training. Players will have approaches to activities centered around a privately owned basketball team. Build a powerful squad with top-notch skills to conquer glorious tournaments. Basketball Club Story MOD APK creates a frenetic playing field with lots of exciting challenges. You will be the main factor leading your squad to the top position and bringing home the championship trophy.

If you are a basketball enthusiast and want to experience exciting levels, Basketball Club Story MOD APK is the right choice. Here, you can practice more skills and improve your batting to become even better. Create your basketball team and be brave and face many other groups. You can be a good leader and lead your teammates to become a world-class and famous team.

Basketball Club Story MOD APK – a sports game with pixel graphics on Android, where you have to create a basketball team which will meet international standards. Assemble your basketball team and score it the best and most experienced players. Train your team achieve great results and compete with other teams arranging various Championships. Create objects and symbols of their team so that players and fans could enjoy them. Communicate with your fans and give them more information about the team that they became more passionate fans. Communicate with sponsors and have excellent cash support.

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Coming to Basketball Club Story MOD APK, you have entirely the opportunity to create your basketball team. In this team, show yourself as a team leader and a professional coach, training and guiding them each way to play in detail and enthusiastically. You should choose and look for athletes who are gifted in basketball, and they also have a strong passion and good health to invite to your team.


To have a healthy training environment and achieve high efficiency in basketball, it is required that all facilities and facilities in the club be built in a dignified and elevated quality manner. Bring your teammates a modern training ground with many valuable items, meeting all their needs and conditions.


Are you personally qualified to raise and train such a strong basketball team? Of course, it is possible, but it is too difficult for many people. That’s not why you’re too worried because, at this game, you can sign contracts with many sponsors to receive a source of money to support you during your hard work physically. Both spiritually.


To attract attention and support from everyone, don’t forget to connect and stay in touch with fan groups. They are always a great source of motivation to try and become more assertive in practice every day. What’s more, they will also learn and gain some experience from your basketball games.




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