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Backrooms APK is a place under the world, there will be no clipping place that will make you fall into the backroom. There are several entities present here. You have to be able to endure to be able to return or not at all.

Backrooms APK is an urban legend and creepypasta describing an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms and other environments. It is characterized by the smell of moist carpet, walls with a monochromatic tone of yellow, and buzzing fluorescent lights. Internet users have expanded upon this concept by creating different “levels” of the Backrooms APK and “entities” which inhabit them.

The original version came from a two-paragraph 4chan comment on a post asking for “unsettling images”, where an anonymous user invented a story based on one of the photos. The Backrooms drew comparisons to various other horror trends and media, including the photography of liminal spaces, the SCP Foundation collaborative fiction project, and the six-hour-long album series Everywhere at the End of Time.


Since its original creation, The Backrooms has been expanded into various other forms of media and Internet culture, including video games, collaborative fiction wikis, and YouTube videos.

In May 2019, the paranormal discussion board of infamous internet site 4chan featured a thread asking for pictures that felt “wrong” or “off” somehow. One user submitted a photo of an oddly large open room with hideous yellow wallpaper, fluorescent lights you’d expect to find in a dollar store, and the kind of carpet that dominated dentist offices in the early 90s. The photo featured a dutch angle that made it all seem just a little more sinister. Another user contributed the evocative description above, and the Backrooms were born.


Backrooms APK gives you all the advice you need at the start: venture as far as you can without going insane. Check your watch every thirty seconds to remember who you are and why you’re there. DON’T LOOK AT IT. And then you’re immediately dumped into the never-ending hallways, tasked with staying alive long enough to find the exit.
There isn’t a story, only a goal: escape. The random generation of the Backrooms means that you could wander for an hour or find the exit inside of 10 minutes. There is, of course, a hideous creature to avoid, but it’s laughably easy to do so. If you listen carefully and take care not to sprint around corners without checking what lies ahead first, you may never see it. The game wants you to check your watch every 30 seconds to keep your sanity in check, but the farther you go the more unhinged you become regardless. Prepare for some shifting patterns and extinguished lights.


Backrooms APK excels as an existential experiment in terror and childhood fear… for the first five minutes. Literature majors will appreciate the connection to Charlotte Perkins Gilman and gaming YouTubers will appreciate having another title to squeeze some views out of. Most of us will escape quickly or get bored gradually. Either way, one trip is more than enough, at least until those additional features are implemented.

Backrooms soon became popular from writers and Internet users, most of which commented on its uncannyness. The creepypasta has also been cited as the origin and most-well known example of the liminal spaces Internet trend, which are photos that evoke “a sense of nostalgia, lostness, and uncertainty”; the ‘#liminalspaces’ tag has amassed nearly 100 million views on the social media platform TikTok. When a woman named Claire Scheulin found an abandoned mall below her Airbnb, Internet commentators compared her photos of the place to the original Backrooms image.

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The horror aspects of The Backrooms drew comparisons to the conspiracy theories of UFOs in Area 51, to filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s work The Shining, to the Minecraft urban legend of Herobrine, and to the 2019 film Us. Its ambiguous rooms has also been noted as featuring similarities to horror stories of the SCP Foundation, especially SCP-3008 (a branch of IKEA that contains an infinite interior space within a pocket dimension), and to the vague buildings of Control (2019). Dazed called the Backrooms an example of “internet folklore”.





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