back wars mod apk

Back Wars MOD APK v1.11 Mod VIP Unlocked

Back Wars MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.11
Mod Info :VIP Unlocked
Size :42MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Back Wars MOD APK is an action game developed by MDickie, which has many similarities to other games by the same developer, but with a slightly different approach. In this game, you will encounter an army that has traveled through time to conquer the world … but the army has met unexpected resistance.

The controls of Back Wars MOD APK are identical to those of other MDickie games, with the directional keypad on the left of the screen and all the action buttons on the right. As always, you can attack, grab, pick up objects, use weapons, and so on.

One of the most interesting parts of Back Wars is that each area of the map will allow you to play a variety of different characters – make sure to explore the whole map so that you can try out each character. By pressing the button located in the upper left corner of the screen, you can switch between available characters.

Back Wars MOD APK is a chaotic, crazy and fun action game. Throughout the game, you can control a multitude of different characters (many of them can be recognized from old series or movies) and use dozens of different weapons: from bottles or sticks to machine guns or arcs.

Travel back in time to rule the world 1,000 years in advance!

When an army travels back in time to rule the world 1,000 years in advance, they get more than they bargained for from their primitive counterparts! Lead the resistance with hundreds of warriors from different cultures all over the world. Focus on one individual or step back to command an entire army at your fingertips. Combining world-dominating strategy with fully interactive battles, this game offers the best of both worlds! And just when you think it’s over, history might just repeat itself…

The game is mostly free to play, but you can upgrade to take control of your experience – choosing which side and how much territory to start with. You can also blow off steam with fantasy battles between any 2 cultures – and as many warriors as your device can handle! For what it’s worth, you can also edit every character in the world – but please note that this game uses up to 1,000 of them that are regularly replaced.

When controlling a specific character, this game offers either the “Classic” 1-handed control system or “Dual Wield” where each hand is controlled separately. If you are not already familiar with these from previous games in the series, you can pause the action at any time by hitting the dateline and then study the “Controls” guide. Also look out for in-game hints from scrolls or books that you can read.

In this game, you can change which member of the team you are controlling at any time by either tapping the health meter or literally pointing to them on the battlefield. By tapping the arrows at the bottom of the screen, you can also activate “Commander” mode where you step back and direct any active member of your team by simply swiping from their location to another. Whether you intend them to relocate, fight an enemy, or pick up an object, they will try to make sense of your instructions. But please bear in mind that they can only do so at their convenience and may have other priorities!

Whatever device or control method you are using, you can always zoom in or out by pinching at the centre of the screen.

The main “Campaign” game mode requires you to increase your territory by moving units from one area to any connected one. You can either “fortify” an existing territory or attempt to seize a rival territory. Note that only 50% of the units in a territory will be available to travel – which necessarily makes it harder to invade than it is to defend.

The population of any inhabited territory may grow after each round, so it is important to control as many as possible. Notice that units will also gradually heal over time, so it is a good idea to work with different locations each turn.

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Please note that this is the largest scale game I have made yet, and may require a high-end device to run at 100%. Consider keeping the “Population” low to reduce the number of characters on screen, or tone down other features in the “Display” options.

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