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Azeroth MOD APK v1.9.3 Mod Free In-App Purchase

Azeroth MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.9.3
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :75MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Azeroth MOD APK – game in a fantasy setting that combines elements of tactical strategy in real time, the elements of games from the tower defense and action RPG. Because of this approach, Azeroth MOD APK is rather difficult to attribute to any particular genre, and a variety of game elements more difficult task.

The gameplay, at first glance, is quite simple on the playing field in a large-scale battle converge to a few tens of players and hundreds of units, controlling your army, your task is to defeat the opponent. But the reality is much more complicated, the game features three races, 12 heroes, 10 arms, and more than 570 skills, which in practice leads to an infinite set of tactics and strategies. And the presence of magic adds a variety of possibilities

A fun and strategy tower defense game

Azeroth broke the classic real time combating game play, in which thousands of players can play on a same screen.

You can use diversified matches of heroes, army, skills, races and gift
to response to the attack of monsters. With the different stories in the checkpoints or battle, you will surely be attracted to it.

In the game, there are 3 big races, 10 types of armies, 12 heroes, 15 kind of manual skills and 573 auto skills. Players can organize their favorite tactics to response the attack from hundreds of different monster groups.

In the game, players can choose from 12 heroes with different skills and level up them;or choose warrior, hunter, mage, knight, pastor, wizard from the 3 big races, which are all with refined skills. By organizing them to tackle the monster forces. In face of monsters with different skills and power, players need to match different army races, so as to exert unexpected power.

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Click the screen to position and move the heroes, with skilled operations, you can easily hide from the attacks and magic, with advanced positioning, you can make the monsters gather together and attack them heavily.
Monsters with more blood are with strong armor also, but their ability to resist magic are quite weak. An archer can also kill it. For those wizards and skeletons, or those monsters with long distance harm ability, we suggest players to control your heroes well and kill them timely.
Every monster has its features and weak points; you can crack it by your own.

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