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Automatoys APK v1.0.10 Apk Full Paid

Automatoys APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.0.10
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :118MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Automatoys APK is an exciting game with many engaging experiences. Players can enjoy puzzles and optical illusions, which will solve seemingly unsolvable problems. You’ll need to understand how different structures work and how they fit together. You’ll also need to use perspective, as well as rotating levers, to complete the puzzles.


Automatoys APK feature three-dimensional graphics and a variety of unique obstacles. You’ll also need to navigate the various levels, avoiding obstacles. There are also many ladders and other mechanisms to use. These are just a few reasons why Automatoys is a popular casual game.


The game’s unique screen also helps you enjoy different game experiences. The soundtrack makes you feel the atmosphere of the game, as well. You’ll also need to use logical thinking and simple operations to complete the game’s levels.


Those who enjoy casual games might be tempted to play Automatoys. This game, created by Idle Friday, has received good user reviews. It features simple gameplay, colorful graphics, and an appealing soundtrack. It is easy to learn, but it also features numerous challenging levels. You’ll need to use your brain to solve the puzzles.


The game has a variety of levels, and players can choose to play for free or make in-game purchases to unlock new levels. In addition, Automatoys APK features a unique visual design with beautiful geometric spaces and eye-catching images. The game also features a pleasant soundtrack, which helps players feel the atmosphere.


To solve the puzzles, players must flex their hands, use their vision and rotate individual architectural elements to make the ball reach its final destination. The game also uses optical illusions, which help players connect different architectural structures separated by distance. Optical illusions also help players to solve puzzles that appear to be impossible. The game features various challenges, allowing players to get more points for each level they complete.


Automatoys APK is a fun game that has received positive reviews from its users. The game is easy to learn and understand and has an excellent visual design and soundtrack. Players will enjoy the game’s variety of different levels and will be able to get more points for each level they complete. The game also features various obstacles, and players must use easy controls to move the ball around.

Sophisticated devices, simple operation

To get to the final destination, you need to rotate, raise the architectural elements located on the playing field. Floor in a few seconds can turn into a ceiling or a sheer wall. In order to see the steps of the stairs, you need to zoom in and enlarge the image. All objects with which you can interact will be marked, so it is almost impossible to go astray. Largely, the game is in many ways reminiscent of the dream of an architect who has a rich imagination. Perhaps this is the main point.

Unique mechanical obstacle course

The most interesting thing is the numerous ladders and mechanisms in Automatoys APK, which greatly complicate the passage. Solve them in an unusual way, which means that their activation and change of location can lead to unknown consequences. The perspective will not let you just complete the level.

You have to understand which ladder is and how to put it, which platform to use and where it can lead the ball. Thanks to the three-dimensional picture, the illusion becomes a reality, you have to think and try different options for a long time until you manage to get to the door.

Develop your imagination

Solve most of the puzzles in a few seconds. However, the ways to solve them are very unusual, sometimes amazing. An optical illusion that allows you to connect architectural structures separated from each other, in a new puzzle helps to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

The road cut off by a vast abyss in Automatoys APK does not have to build again or try to get around. Just look at it from a different angle and it will become completely suitable for the passage of the main character. In order to solve this or that game problem, one always has to reckon with the features of the structures located at the level.

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Graphics and sound

As mentioned earlier, the graphics and optical illusions of Automatoys will surprise even the most sophisticated users. The unique soundtrack also allows you to feel the atmosphere of the game. In addition to the magnificent, enchanting soundtrack, the game featuresa number of additional sounds that accompany every action of the player.




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