alien shooter last hope apk

Alien Shooter – Last Hope APK v1.1.0 Apk Full Paid

Alien Shooter – Last Hope APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.1.0
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :96MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Alien Shooter – Last Hope APK is a very classic shooting game. It has two game modes, campaign mode and survival mode. Two characters can be controlled in the game, the game time is unlimited, 9 different weapons, 6 alien monsters, high-quality music and Environmental sound effects, but the game scene is very bloody.

Pay attention to blood and armor! Move the location non-stop and systematically! Try to avoid enemy bullets! Make full use of those houses to protect yourself and destroy the enemy! When there are not many enemies, attack the strong enemy first! When there are many enemies, first attack the weak enemy, and then avoid the strong enemy! You can last as long as you can!

Alien Shooter – Last Hope APK – the world was hit by the disaster, from all corners of the galaxy began to open portals, and battle dangerous monsters. Confront them and assemble a powerful team, go through the story missions and stop the enemy, not allowing him to handle the delicate balance of earth’s civilization. Unlock powerful weapons and upgrade your ability, to enjoy the dynamic and strengthen the position of resistance, use offline mode and track number of strength and power, recovering from strokes and attacks, and don’t let yourself to defeat. Receive cool rewards and climb in the rankings, explore new areas and locations and start a sweep.

Alien Shooter – Last Hope APK – isometrically-an old-school action game from Sigma Team that develops the cult universe. Players are offered a story branch during which they will go to a secret laboratory to search for powerful weapons. And after the discovery, they should test it in practice, make adjustments to the work, improve it, and so on. Gamers also prepared 10 missions, new monsters whose corpses will not disappear, which will gradually turn any map into a terrible sight, as well as the same gameplay that fans of mutant extermination like. They will be more than happy with the opportunity presented.

Alien Shooter – Last Hope APK is the newest title in the legendary lineup from the Alien Shooter games. And like every other Alien Shooter title, Last Hope also brings in that familiar taste of intense gory goodness.

In addition to that familiar intense fun shoot ‘em up experience, Last Hope is also bringing in a new chapter to the legendary series with 10 new missions.

Plot: The War against the monsters still rages on. Humanity is surviving on thin lines.

The Opposition forces are running dangerously low on resources. And the number of battle-worthy men and women decreases every day.

One of the research labs managed to create a weapon ready to strengthen the Opposition forces. Which will allow humanity a better fighting chance.

Now you have to reach the research lab in order to find the weapon and improve it on the battlefield.

Which is stated on the store page of the game, which I thought was a regular handheld weapon but later I realized the store page was mentioning a Turret system. And you must use them in battle and fight your way to an upgrade terminal in order to upgrade them.

But the ultimate goal is to find and destroy the tunnels, pathways, and teleportation devices used by the monsters.

The war with monster invasion is going on.
Opposition Force is almost out of resources.
The number of battleworthy is decreasing within every single day.

One of research laboratories succeeds to create the weapon ready to strengthen the Opposition and change the course of war radically…

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You have to get into research center, find new weapon and improve it on the battlefield directly.

– New chapter in history of the legendary game, including 10 story missions.
– Autonomous weapon changing game experience radically and bringing in tons of tactical opportunities.
– Total lack of in-game purchases and obtrusive ads.
– Ability to play in offline mode.
– Crowds of monsters on one screen.
– Non-vanishing remains of the enemies.

The hope is on you only. Try to change the course of long term war and bring the hope to Humanity!




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