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Age of Strategy MOD APK v1.1621 Mod Free Shopping

Age of Strategy MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.1621
Mod Info :Free Shopping
Size :36MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Age of Strategy MOD APK is a free turn based Strategy Game set in the Age of Empires and knights, vikings and samurais, winged hussars and Templars and many more!
Loads of campaigns, skirmishes and multiplayer games are waiting for you!

NOT a pay to win game! The in-app payment option is for donations only.
The game is a retro-like 16-bit game, so it is not pretty and it has no fancy animations. This is a pure gameplay-oriented turn based strategy.

– More than 500 Campaign maps to pass (Historical ones too! eg: Battle of Troy and so on)
– More than 140 Skirmish maps to fight on
– More than 350 units and buildings
– More than 120 technologies to invent
– Rewarding system: Collecting stars on each map (Based on your performance) will grant you gems used for unlocking new troops or buildings!
– Spell Upgrades: Do you find a map too hard? You can ease the difficulty with various spells that can be bought with gems! (Used on consumption)
– Battle against AI on skirmish maps like in classic strategy games!
– Battle against or with real players worldwide!
– Design your own maps with the Map Editor feature! (Still in Beta)
– Achievement system to make your experience more enjoyable!
– A friend list! Go out there and meet new people!
– Upgrades section containing hundreds of new units, technologies and buildings openable with gems (Including some fun units)!


There are many requests for new and unique units (eg. historical heroes), I am pretty open to this since it’s pretty easy to implement a new unit. Please join the

forum, post there the idea and i will make it!


– Please be kind with the rating, since this app is in the middle of development.
– Feel free to send me any suggestions concerning any part of the game (Gameplay, units, unit properties, new unit suggestions, graphics etc…)
– If you would like to take part in creating this game (eg. graphics, translation, ideas) send me an email and/or join the forums!

Age of Strategy MOD APK is a game that can give you exciting experiences through unique challenges. If you are a player with a preference for games built in the strategy genre, this will be a name that you cannot ignore. Coming to the game, you will be involved in battles, minor skirmishes, or even large campaigns that require incredibly high tactics.


With a game built in a strategy style, the system of challenges will definitely be an essential feature. Often, players who are passionate about this genre have relatively strict requirements on the quantity and quality of the maps and campaigns they will participate in. And to be able to do this best, game developers have also worked for a long time to create a challenging system.

And maybe you will also be quite surprised when the information that the game maker has announced that the game will own more than 500 Campaign maps to overcome (even historical ones). In addition, the game has also added to your play more than 140 Combat maps to fight with a huge variety. More than 350 apartments and buildings and about 120 technologies to invent will be the numbers that can best support your play.


After receiving the information that you can experience in the game, are you feeling excited now? Then get started right away in your play to be able to participate in the challenges and overcome them your way. The game has developed for itself an extremely modern, high-quality AI system that can fight you in classic strategy games or skirmishes.

What’s more, you can also fully show your strategic talent with your friends through exciting battles. The game will have an exceptional prize structure for players to look forward to and try to achieve as quickly as possible. Among them, the stars on the map will be one of the valuable prizes that players can exchange for gems to unlock new troops or buildings.


Aside from creating an exceedingly appealing gameplay and challenge system, aesthetics will be one of the important factors that will determine the game’s success. And the game’s makers are continually looking for methods to lead their games in ways that are distinct from other games on the market. As a result, instead of using modern and realistic visuals, the game employs 8-bit graphics.

Maybe if you just heard about the 8-bit graphics style, you will not feel satisfied because the image brought to you will not be really sharp. But the game was also very thoughtful when using this graphic style to make the battles in the age of empires and knights more realistic. Through that, players can also feel the fighting spirit of the past that the game wants to bring to them.

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  1. Join a classic strategy game with battles, skirmishes, and countless campaigns of different sizes.
  2. The system of more than 500 Campaign maps along with 140 Combat maps will always be a truly diverse experience.
  3. Fight and overcome the challenges that have been set to be able to receive worthy rewards.
  4. Join your friends in a battle to help each other overcome challenges.
  5. Graphics are set in the war of the Empire era; the knight is designed in a highly suitable 8-bit style.




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