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Abandoned City Survival MOD APK v0.7.7 Mod Unlocked All Characters

The game is in the apocalyptic world, rebuilding civilization, this is an abandoned city, you need to do everything possible to create the most basic living conditions, you need to feel the vast ruined city, try to collect more resources, and use your creativity and hands-on ability. , to build more production tools, discover a lot of useful resource materials, etc., and create more and more advanced weapons and props by yourself.

Have everything you need to survive in an abandoned city, collect different resources and items to make tools and weapons; survival games are not as easy as they seem, create and craft more complex tools and challenge more survival missions; free choice Your survival strategy, explore the area in every possible way.

Welcome to the world that has experienced widespread devastation and where only small groups of people have managed to stay alive. Survive whatever it takes in this apocalypse game. Manage survivors, build the last shelter, and repair a large truck to leave the abandoned city.

In this idle survival game, you need to explore every piece of the land to find materials, fuel and other valuable resources that will help you survive. Break abandoned houses, loot cars, and scavenge to get anything that can be used for crafting and constructing.
Join forces with other survivors and develop your own shelter. Create a spacious storage for food and materials, upgrade the dormitory to allow more survivors to live in, and build a farm to provide food. Only you can protect the survivors!
The more resources you collect, the more new tools you can invent. Don’t forget to build a medical center to cure the survivors and make them faster and stronger! There are dozens of other upgrades you can use to make the city a better place to live.
If you like survival simulator games, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring the ghost city, looking for hidden crafting materials. You can even launch expeditions to other locations to get more valuable resources.
What are you waiting for? Loot resources, craft tools & build the shelter! Help survivors restore life in the abandoned city! Join one of the best idle crafting and survival adventure games.

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The world collapsed and you ended up in an abandoned city. To survive you will have to master skills such as mining, crafting, food extraction and building!

You must survive by all means and leave the city. It won’t be easy, so go ahead and good luck! Survival in the city has begun.

Survival game features:

Abandoned city – Great Opportunities
Explore the area. It has everything you need to survive! You can find and collect rare resources.
Collect different resources and items to create tools and weapons, and build a shelter in the city! Try to survive!

Improve collecting, Crafting and Building skills
Survive games are not as easy as they seem. This game allows you to create and craft more complex resources for building objects.
Explore new tools in every possible way! Meet other survivors to help you improve your life in the city.
It’s always faster and more fun to do something together.

Excellent pixelated 3D graphics
Survival seems more real than ever. Just imagine that you unexpectedly stuck in a city with destroyed buildings and cars.

Choose your survival strategy
Explore the area in every possible way, now you are a real survivor. Build your own hideout in the city.
Explore new places, craft tools, gather resources for construction. Building a shelter in the city is no easy task! Do it now!

If you like strategy survival games, you will love this game! Enjoy the new survive simulator now!

What are you waiting for? Survival in the city has begun.

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