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9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK v1.7.1 Mod Unlimited Money


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This is an adventure game that can take players into a new world. Players start the adventure mode in the game. You explore the island you are on, kill monsters, upgrade, and obtain equipment. Everything here is full of unknowns. As a warrior, you have to challenge and improve your strength by fighting various monsters.

9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK – large-scale role-playing game, which is full of underground labyrinths, and combinations thereof. You will be able to try their hand at a variety of locations and fight monsters. Control your character and embark on an incredible but dangerous adventure. Around lake Limnos are mysterious things unravel their secret, foolish overthrow the king and install order in the state. Open access and the spells and magic, upgrade your fighting skills and enjoy the dynamic gameplay.

9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK – this is an exciting role-playing game in pixel style, in which you are waiting for incredible adventures in the territory of mysterious dungeons, dense forests, dangerous mountains and other equally interesting locations. Opponents will be almost 300 different monsters, defeating which you will have the opportunity to get valuable artifacts, treasures and necessary materials. You can also lure monsters to your side. What is an RPG without the ability to pump? Improve your hero both in terms of combat performance and craft. Also, do not forget about your monsters-allies, which can also be upgraded.

More than 1400 unique items, including weapons, armor and various accessories are in the game. Collect all of them and try them out. Accompany you on your combat journeys will be an excellent orchestral soundtrack, atmospheric transmission of everything that happens on the screen.

9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK is a role-playing game series that has been released on the PC and Console platforms. Under the excitement of the players, the publisher decided to develop the Android and iOS version, in order to expand the market and market to more fans.

9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK was born in that way. You can pay to buy games through the payment on Google Play, or download the free APK version from our website.


The 9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK is set in the continent of Cedaltia – a remote land separate from the mainland. The legend said that Cedaltia is suffering from the aftermath of an evil king. Death is surrounding this land, causing many peoples and surrounding islands to suffer.

A hero was born. He is destined to destroy Lorwyck castle along with the army of the evil king. One day, peace will return to Cedaltia, and the people can continue working in the morning light.


The beginning of the 9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK is a dark setting of the village of Agaria. The main character seems to have lost his memory, he is brought here with a lofty mission, but he still cannot know what to do.

You will control him to explore every place of Agaria. Along the way will appear “Read Sign”, as a guide and gives you information about what to do. There are two things you need to keep in mind. First, wooden street-side chests can contain items, materials or equipment. You can break them up and pick up what you want into the backpack. Second, always keep an eye on Blood-Spawn – something like Checkpoint. It will bind your soul there, and when you get killed by the enemy, you can revive here.

As the progress of the game gradually expands, you will leave the village of Agaria to enter Ashwick territory and Vlak jungle. There are many dangers there, from ancient creatures, goblins to giants. Defeat them to continue your journey through the world of 9th Dawn III RPG.

Monsters and bosses

In most of the role-playing games I know, 9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK has the most variety of monsters. There are more than 270 different races exist on Cedaltia. And under the conspiracy of the bad guys, these races rise up to fight and cause the land to fall into chaos. You will have to defeat all of them, to regain peace for Cedaltia.

In general, when you leave the village of Agaria, the more monsters appear, while they tend to be stronger. Dark areas, caves, dungeons and forests, you have to be careful of these places because you cannot know what awaits there!


Characters in the 9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK can equip a variety of defense items, such as armor, shoes, gloves, shoulder armor, relics, rings, … They not only contribute to the character’s appearance more unique but also help him increase some of his attributes.

Of all the equipment types, weapons are the most important part. They give the majority of the damage stats to the character, helping him defeat the monster more quickly.

9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK has several popular weapons such as bows, crossbows, axes and swords. Each weapon differs in terms of physical attack stats, speed and number of stone mosaic slots. Depending on the terrain and monster characteristics, you need to choose the right weapon.

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Skills of characters

It seemed 9th Dawn III RPG was a simple role-playing 2D game, but when I explored the character’s skill system, I realized that that’s not really true.

9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK has only three main character classes, including knight, archer and mage. But each of them has a system of 6 skill types including Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, Magic Combat, Defensive, Misc and Crafting. As you fight, skills can grow, level up, and be more effective.


9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK features a classic 2D, 16-bit graphics platform. They create a classic space, but also full of mystery. The developer has cleverly integrated the sound to bring the player enjoyment.

In addition, the game’s graphics have also been optimized. They can work smoothly on a wide variety of low-end devices.


P/S: If you progress through a registered profile in the game, you will start off with a lot of money.(Nếu bạn chơi file save đã được mod bạn sẽ có rất nhiều tiền.)



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